Tuesday, June 27, 2023

How About Some Impeachments, Republicans?

By Mark Lewis | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Wisdom is knowing how to properly use knowledge. Not every situation calls for the same response. Sometimes you turn the other cheek for the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.  But sometimes you stand and fight.  For the same reasons.

The Left is determined to control what you believe, and even what you think.  There is no “wisdom” employed here, it is, and always has been with them, sheer, brute force.  And they will never stop until they are irredeemably compelled to.  History, a fountain of wisdom, clearly teaches that.  

Yuval Noah Harari, the uber-Leftist, incredibly influential senior advisor to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, has called for scriptures to be “rewritten” by artificial intelligence (AI) to produce a globalized “new Bible.”  AI can create unified “religions that are actually correct.”  Harari believes AI can be harnessed to reshape spirituality into the WEF’s globalized utopia of “equity” and “inclusivism.”  Wonderful, right?  

But no, that isn’t what the WEF really desires.  The WEF—the ultimate exemplar of Leftism on earth today—craves total global power.  They want to control you, me, and everybody else.  THEY will define what “equity” and “inclusivism” mean, THEY will determine what goes into the “new Bible,” THEY will stipulate what “unified religions that are actually correct” consist of.  

They want to be God, the new God, the only God, the one that tells you what you must believe and think.  And what they demand that you believe and think will produce the earthly Utopia THEY will dominate.

And do I have to tell you what they will do to anybody who disagrees with and opposes them?  The new gods never tell you that, but they don’t have to.  

We have the 20th century Big Brothers to provide plenty of evidence of that.

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, we must recognize that he is doing one of the greatest services to America in the history of our country.  He is fighting.  He may even be guilty of some of the legal charges against him, I don’t know.  But one thing I do know:  if his name were Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, he would not be enduring the political persecution he is now undergoing.  This attack on Trump is, first and foremost—and has been for eight years now—a political bounty hunt, an attempt by the Leftist wolf pack, the Democratic Party and its legions of sycophants, to destroy a man they despise, a man they hate almost as much as they hate God himself, a man whom they seem to fear more than they do God.  What we are witnessing with Donald Trump is, as has been reiterated time and again, the weaponization of the federal government against a political enemy to silence him, and—equally important—to warn his supporters not to oppose them lest they face the same persecution.  The goal is to gain totalitarian control of the United States of America.  

The Leftist Big Brother, if they obtain the power they lust for, will tell you what you MUST believe, and even think.  They will write a new American “Bible,” which has nothing to do with “diversity,” “equity” and “inclusivism,” except as defined by them, and you can be absolutely certain that the newly-defined DEI will not be diverse, equal, or inclusive enough to include you.  You will be lined up against a wall and shot.  Because that is what Leftists do. 

We have the 20th century Big Brothers to provide plenty of evidence of that.

Mr. Trump is fighting this battle to save his political career, of course, but it goes much deeper than Donald Trump.  It goes to the very heart and soul of what America will become in the future.  If traditional America must die to save mankind—and that is exactly what Biden, the Left, and the WEF erroneously believe—then so be it.  They are convincing millions that’s what needs to happen.  Their “Utopia.”  But we saw in the 20th century, in Hitler’s Germany, in Stalin’s USSR, in Castro’s Cuba, in Mao’s China, the “new religion” the WEF and Biden will bring to the world.  And it isn’t “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  It is “submit, obey, shut up, or die.”  If you still want to see it today, go to Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea or Xi Jinping’s China.  I spent ten years in the latter hellhole.  Vote Democrat and you can have that.  America has the choice.  “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

I am quite certain that neither our Founding Fathers nor the God whom they served would want us to willingly turn our country over to a cadre of America-hating atheistic gangsters.  Humanity is worth more than that.  There comes a time to fight back, and we should be thankful that Donald Trump, for whatever motivations he might have, is doing just that.

Impeachment charges against Biden, Mayorkas, and Garland should be seriously considered by the House of Representatives.  The Democrats must know the Republicans can, and will, play that sick game, too.  None of the men would get convicted in the Senate, of course; I’m not sure the plethora of RINOs in the House would even vote to impeach them in the first place.  But McCarthy can—and should—get that ball rolling soon.  Let the Left know the Right WILL fight back.  You attack one of ours, you can expect reciprocity.  And then relentlessly and endlessly go on the offensive against the Left and their every destructive policy.  Never stop and never surrender.

We slept too long, folks, and now that we’re waking up, we realize we’ve almost lost our country.  We can either go back to sleep, give up and surrender...or fight back with all we’ve got.  

There is a time for everything.  And this is not the time to submit.