Monday, June 12, 2023

TRUMP Soars in Latest Poll – Up 38 Points on DeSantis – Most Republicans View Indictment a Political Hit

 By Jim Hoft - Jun. 11, 2023

President Trump is crushing the field in the latest CBS poll for President of the United States.

Trump is now leading DeSantis by 38 points in the latest poll and leads all others by at least 57 points.



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CBS News Poll: Trump Posts Biggest Lead Yet Over DeSantis

Trump — 61% (+38)

DeSantis — 23%

T. Scott — 4%

Pence — 4%

Haley — 3%

Ramaswamy — 1%

Hutchinson — 1%

Burgum — 1%

Elder — 1%

Christie — 1%

The poll also shows that Republican voters see the Biden DOJ’s indictment against Trump for what it is – a political hitjob.
Nothing more, nothing less.


When the DOJ indicts Hillary, Mike Pence, and Joe Biden for stealing classified documents we will start listening to their BS.

Joe Biden was stealing classified documents as a US Senator since 1974!… For over 48 years! We don’t need any lectures from the fake news.