Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Hoo Boy: Unearthed Posts Show DA Fani Willis Pushed Election Conspiracies, Including One You'll Remember

By Bonchie |

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As Donald Trump was being booked and processed for a fourth time on a fourth indictment, this time in Georgia, old social media posts of DA Fani Willis emerged. What they contained provided a view into the rabid partisan nature and hypocrisy of the prosecutor now trying to put the former president behind bars. 

Specifically, multiple posts show Willis spreading conspiracy theories about Georgia's elections. She even went so far as to claim there were "water leaks" during the 2020 election counting in Fulton County, suggesting that ballots were being thrown out. You'll probably remember that one because Republicans ended up adopting that theory as well in the aftermath of the election.

Look, I realize that the actual charges against Trump do not center on simply claiming the election was stolen (the RICO conspiracy supposedly leads to the alternate electors scheme), but anyone who can read the above post and not laugh has no sense of humor. Think about it. While Willis lectures Trump at press conferences about daring to tarnish the supposed sanctity of Georgia's elections, she was out there talking about busted water pipes and claiming the election might be stolen from Democrats. I mean, come on. You can't script irony any better than that. 

There's more as well. Willis suggested several times in 2018 that election shenanigans were afoot.

Going back to her 2020 posts, Willis agreed with false racist claims that only "white people" were voting, suggesting that they make up "116 percent" of the voting pool. 

Are you starting to get a picture of who Willis is, yet? We aren't talking about some run-of-the-mill Democrat public servant. We are talking about a rabid partisan activist who has actively participated in the very things she denounces others for. That's who is leading the charge to jail a former president. 

At least special counsel Jack Smith maintains some air of mystery about his political beliefs being a career DOJ official (though I think we can all guess what they are). By contrast, Willis' profile mimics parody. It's as if Salon created a prosecutor in a lab. 

With all that said, unfortunately, there is no prohibition on prosecutors being far-left hypocritical hacks. Perhaps there should be.


Fani Willis Questioned 2020 Election In Facebook Posts: ‘What Ballots Are They Throwing Out?’

By Ilan Hulkower | Trending Politics

Perhaps Fani Willis, the District Attorney for Fulton County, who indicted the Republican frontrunner for questioning the 2020 election should prosecute herself given that she appears to have done the same thing.

The prosecutor has made many posts on social media questioning election outcomes and procedures. She did so not only for the 2020 election but also concerning the 2018 midterm elections. As Benny Johnson observed, “Fulton County DA Fani Willis regularly questioned election results & used her office to push unfounded election conspiracies. On the eve of Trump’s arrest in Georgia for “challenging” an election — a deep dive into the prosecutor’s history of doing the *same* thing.”

Attached to Johnson’s post was a statement by Willis that “A TEAM of lawyers needs to watch” what occurs in Georgia and ensure every vote is counted. She noted that the team should start in her own county and ensure that Georgia gives “an honest accounting” without “stunts.” In her rant, she also noted the strange and convenient water leaks that occur in that county.

Benny Johnson further wrote, “As a public official, Fani Willis regularly and consistently questioned Georgia’s election procedures and pushed unfounded election conspiracy theories on her public social media profile. Fani is indicting Trump for the *exact* same thing.”

Attached to that post is Willis asking “Why Fulton” after news of a water burst interrupting ballot counting broke. Nor is Fani Willis new to expressing election skepticism. Benny Johnson noted that “In the days following the 2018 midterms, Fani Willis expressed concerns about the election not being properly run by implying all votes weren’t counted.”

Attached to that comment was Willis’s November 24, 2018 Facebook post that read in part “You all better start paying attention to what is really going on…and pay attention to reality” in connection to vote counting. Johnson also found that “[h]ours after the last ballots in the 2018 midterms were cast, Fani Willis openly boasts about the power Georgia’s Secretary of State has to” manipulate elections.

Attached to that was her post where she wrote of the Secretary of State’s office, “That person controls elections. I wonder if we yet realize that is an important role.” It gets worse for Willis, though, as one of her posts in 2020 noted that the 2020 election was a “mess.” Johnson observed, “Two days following the 2020 election she is now criminally indicting Trump for questioning, Fani Willis directly calls the election a “mess” … This meme was posted on her Facebook— seemingly agreeing with Trump on the poor election procedures in 2020.”

Conservative commentator Collin Rugg also revealed that there were posts by the DA where “she told her followers she was ‘scared’ that they ‘messed up’ the election.”

“Days later on November 7th, Willis released multiple posts explaining how proud she was that Kamala Harris was the next vice president. Does anyone actually believe this woman has the ability to enforce the law equally and fairly?”