Sunday, August 13, 2023

What the January 6 Committee Did With the Evidence Undercuts a Huge Dem Narrative

By Matt Vespa |

AP Photo/John Minchillo

What happened on January 6 shook liberal America to its core. Legions of commentators, elected officials, and some scholars took the airwaves to declare the event worse than the 9/11 attacks—some compared it to Pearl Harbor. The hyperbole was pervasive, which led to congressional Democrats establishing a select committee to investigate the riot. It was a political circus that wasted taxpayer dollars, finding no incriminating evidence against Donald Trump. It also blithely ignored video evidence that shredded its narrative about how this was an American rendition of the ‘storming of the Bastille.’

If this was such a dark and destructive event in our history, why did the now-defunct committee destroy the evidence? No, I’m not kidding. If this were a trial case, the judge would have no option but to dismiss it because everything appears to have been sent into the furnace. Nothing was preserved, a requirement upon the committee’s dissolution. One key piece of evidence that’s been lost: the communications the committee had with the Biden White House (via Fox News): 

The House select committee that investigated the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021 failed to adequately preserve documents, data and video depositions – including communications it had with the Biden White House that are still missing – according to the Republican lawmaker overseeing the GOP investigation into the committee's work. 

The now-disbanded "J6" committee, which was run by Democrats and included only two GOP members, has also failed to provide any evidence that it looked into Capitol Hill security failures on the day of the riot, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration, told Fox News Digital. 

Loudermilk said his staff has had difficulty gathering all the information it needs to investigate Rep. Bennie Thompson’s handling of the J6 investigation. 

"Part of our task as this oversight subcommittee is to actually address the security failures, look into how did it happen… how were these folks able to get into the Capitol," Loudermilk said. He said the documents they obtained came over in boxes and was completely unorganized. 

"Nothing was indexed. There was no table of contents index. Usually when you conduct this level of investigation, you use a database system and everything is digitized, indexed. We got nothing like that. We just got raw data," he said. "So it took us a long time going through it and one thing I started realizing is we don't have anything much at all from the Blue Team." 

The "Blue Team," as described by Loudermilk, represents the group within the J6 committee that was directed to investigate security failures at the Capitol. Loudermilk explained that sources have told him the Blue Team was essentially "shut down" by the committee in order to focus on placing the blame on former President Trump.

 The darkest day in American history, according to the Left, and the investigative team for the J6 committee couldn’t care less. We’ve all known that this Keystone Cops’ convention into the event was an act. Democrats hoped it would be their primary 2022 midterm playbook until the economy started to fall apart. We know that Democrats were so worried and shaken by this riot that they couldn’t preserve or catalog anything relating to that day’s events. Not shocking, nor is the media blackout (via Newsbusters): 

The leftist media and especially the major networks have no interest in this story since they were big cheerleaders for the January 6 committee. 

In fact, all three networks failed to report on this violation of House rules and federal law by not preserving documents. Instead, the three networks gave airtime to a billion-dollar lottery ticket sold in Florida (ABC and CBS), and plans for the first space tourist flight (NBC). 

Not even Democrats cared about January 6, but they still went along with the over-the-top prosecution for those who strolled inside the Capitol Building.