Saturday, February 10, 2024

Joe Biden, a Highly 'Successful' U.S. President

By Jeff Davidson |

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Success: “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Oxford Dictionary

Depending on how one defines success, it can be argued that Joe Biden is among the most successful presidents in U.S. history. Not for any good that he's accomplished but for his ability to meet his or his handler’s objectives. Let’s consider three among dozens of issues.

A Crisis Made to Order

The border crisis, for example, has continued day and night for three years and has dumped more than nine million migrants into our country, with another four to six million predicted before the end of Biden's term. This represents high achievement for those who want to sink the country culturally, economically, and spiritually. Of late we’ve learned that Putin is methodically sending gate-crashers to ultimately doom our nation.

As the border is being overrun, Texas is up in arms, joined by governors of 26 other states. Budgets are strained to the max. Healthcare facilities can't keep up. Schools are being overrun. To Biden, this is a huge score!

The wise border state governors are busing illegals to sanctuary cities to give those mayors and residents a taste of what it's like to be swamped each and every day by thousands of people who do not belong here and will contribute little or nothing. 

The sum of all of the migrants who have come to the U.S. represents a ticking time bomb. The expense of caring for them and their impact on our culture and sovereignty will be profound, in the negative. If you are part of the Biden administration applauding such developments, you have been quite successful in this arena.

Decimating Young Lives

If the Biden administration intends to destroy childhood, they are doing an excellent job. The indoctrination of youth is sickening. Confusing young boys and girls as to whether they should be a boy or a girl is merely the start. They are constantly being read to by teachers who feel it is their duty to indoctrinate students, not teach them the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, let alone history and science. 

Drag queen story hours abound in major cities, especially in libraries, after-school programs, and weekend events. This development represents a major success for the Biden administration, which seeks to create an army of little Leftists who will do what they're told. 

These young students have been indoctrinated to believe that America is a bad place, essentially racist, an invader of other countries, and doesn't deserve its standing in the world. All of that represents a mission accomplished for those who think that the U.S. needs to be taken down many notches. 

Military Madness

A third area, among dozens, is our standing in the world, the preparedness of our military, and our ability to defend our friends and repel our foes. These components are being weakened with each passing day. The Biden administration apparently loves war. If one considers the number of wars that we’re getting into, from which there could be a difficult time extricating ourselves, one can only say that this is another Biden success.

After several years in Ukraine and multi-billions of dollars, no end is in sight. Ukraine is not going to be victorious; we have not stifled Russia's aggressiveness, and our nation is heavily divided over this policy. Ukrainian men have perished by the hundreds of thousands. On top of that, the Biden administration is engaging in other wars around the region. All of which points to great success if you seek to diminish our capacity to defend ourselves. 

Our enemies around the world no longer fear us, be it Russia, China, Iran, factions within Syria, North Korea, and elsewhere. We're not feared by terrorists such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Houthis. So, here's another resounding success for Biden.

Unending Success

Other Biden administration ‘successes’ abound in education, healthcare, women's sports, and the economy, among a long list. Those on the right regard the Biden administration as among our weakest and least effective ever. Multi-millions on the Left, however, regard him as an aging folk hero who has done great deeds. 

What a world in which we live, where the information iron curtain that separates the Left from everybody else, has so thoroughly pulled the wool over their eyes that they gladly march to their own demise.