Saturday, February 03, 2024

REAL Unemployment Rate 6.3% -7.4%': Deep Dive Thread Into Jan Jobs Report RAINS All Over Biden's Parade

By Bonchie || RedState,com

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The January 24 Jobs Report dropped today and of course, our pals on the Left are doing what they do every month and acting like Biden is doing a great job! So many new jobs created! Unemployment down! BIDEN BOOM they say.

And as usual, it's a bunch of horse crap.

Big thanks to E.J. Atoni, Ph.D. for doing the actual footwork and showing the reality of our country right now. 

Hint, it ain't good.


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E.J. Antoni, Ph.D.@RealEJAntoni

STOP going crazy about this jobs report: BLS themselves told us last month that data from Jan '24 and later months are NOT directly comparable to prior months b/c of methodology changes - stay tuned for a full thread on this jobs report...


And here we go:


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E.J. Antoni, Ph.D. @RealEJAntoni

Jan jobs reportšŸ§µ- here's what you need to know that the talking heads and gov't statisticians won't tell you, including why the real unemployment rate is btwn 6.3% and 7.4%...


But wait, there's more.

Lots more and none of it looks good for the Biden administration or Democrats in general.