Monday, March 25, 2024

Bidenomics Sucks, and So Does Joe and All Democrats

By Derek Hunter |

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

It’s weird watching Democrats try to convince Americans they simply don’t know how good they’ve got it. They cite random data points to insist people are uneasy and unable to pay their bills only because of their imagination. Of course, as I always say, if you control the unit of measure, you control everything. They cherry-pick data to make a general case that doesn’t come anywhere close to registering with individuals. It's a lie by sleight of hand, and it will never work for anyone with half a brain cell in their head.

So, what do they point to to convince everyone they’ve got it made? One of those things makes them a special kind of evil – it’s the stock market.

When Donald Trump was President, he was constantly pointing out when the stock market would hit a new record high. When he did it, Democrats would mock it, screaming about how most Americans weren’t in the stock market, seemingly forgetting about 401(k)s. 

Even with that, however, Democrats attacked the idea that a record Dow Jones Industrial Average meant anything other than rich people getting richer.

Now, they’re touting a record stock market as a sign that Americans have it really good under Joe Biden. Hearing a leftist extol the virtues of a high stock market is odd, and then talking about how people’s 401(k)s is hilarious, especially when they’re trying to appeal to people under 60. 

Honestly, telling anyone not retired or about to be that they have it good because something they’re years away from being able to collect on is doing well at that moment shows a level of tone-deafness that might set a record. Young people are actually dipping into their retirement accounts because they can’t afford to buy a house pay rent or just make ends meet, so they’re paying a substantial tax penalty to survive. Bidenomics in action. 

You can’t take your 401(k) into a grocery store and make food more affordable, the Dow hitting 40,000 doesn’t make necessities cheaper or salaries higher, it just makes people who donate to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign recoup in short order the cash they gave to keep the person responsible for the misery in power. Gas prices remain unchanged in this scenario.

Yet, this seems to be a cornerstone of Biden’s campaign: accounts you can’t touch without paying through the nose, and can’t collect on until you’re retired, are up. So, if nothing changes in the ensuing 20-30 years, you should be grateful and vote for grandpa's hair-sniffer…or something. 

The more they tout the stock market, the more it is important to remember something they may well have forgotten, but you never should – they’ve kept you out of it as best they can. Every point they claim is an indication of how well the economy is doing should be a reminder of the money they kept you from having.

Back in 2005, President George W. Bush proposed allowing Americans, if they chose to, to invest a tiny percentage of their Social Security money in the stock market. Unlike the Ponzi Scheme the government completely controls, this would be money people could pass along to their heirs if they should pass away. The Democrats hated every little bit of this concept. 

“There is no crisis,” they yelled. This was an attempt to “privatize Social Security” to make the rich even richer, they said. They never really said how. 

They also claimed it would put Social Security money at risk somehow. The only way that could be – taking money out of it – is if it were the Ponzi Scheme they’ve always denied it was. 

But that’s neither here nor there, just think about how much more money your retirement could have had Democrats not blocked this plan. At the time, the stock market was around 10,000, now it’s almost 40,000. Would you like to have quadrupled your money over those ensuing years? Better yet, would you like to have invested in companies that did much better than that over that time? The possibilities were endless before Democrats limited them to none.

NOW they have the nerve to brag about the stock market and say that, somehow, means the people they excluded from engaging in it are better off than they were 4 years ago, back when they could afford to buy a house, fill up their gas tank AND feed their families? Hell no!

Bidenomics sucks, Joe Biden sucks, Democrats suck. If you’re having any economic problems, it is their doing. If you can’t find a job, if an illegal alien is getting tax money for their housing, food, and general life, that’s because Democrats favor them over you. If you can’t fill your car with gas, can’t pay your rent, can’t afford a home, can’t buy much beyond ramen without making sacrifices elsewhere, thank a Democrat, especially Joe Biden. 

And remember that feeling, even if your situation improves slightly by November, or you get used to the pain. Never forget what they’ve done, because while they’re scrambling to make changes to help their reelection chances, the damage Joe Biden will do if he wins and never has to face voters again will be much, much worse.