Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Civil Disobedience to Answer Homofascism

By Sylvia Thompson

I posted an article at Renew America several months ago titled "The Coming Criminalization of Christianity in America." I suggested that the outcome of the Supreme Court's decision on homosexual "marriage" would be to enshrine sodomy into American law and in so doing, would decree that all Americans must bow to homofascism. As expected, they have done the despicable deed. Now what?

Many, many so-called Christian leaders will, of course, do nothing other than what they have done throughout the decades, and that is effectively ignore the homosexual lobby and its lawlessness. Other so-called Christian leaders are clearly apostate and have embraced that lawlessness, while falsely claiming that God agrees with them. That is a despicable lie. God does not agree, as Scripture clearly reveals. And then there are those believing Christian leaders who will fight evil. They are the hope of this nation, at least until Almighty God ultimately determines America's fate.

Pastor William Owens (a black minister) of The Coalition for American Action and Principles (CAAP), consisting of ministers of all races, has decided to take a firm stand. (www.CAAPUS.ORG)

His organization will view the Court's pernicious decision as equivalent to previous Courts' decisions against black Americans, who sought equal treatment under law. That was the time when a black American minister Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his followers used the only tool available to them against a gargantuan lawless court system. They took to the streets in civil disobedience. Pastor Owens has announced that his organization will consider doing the same to fight the current Court's ruling against Christians.

In a similar vein, former high school coach Dave Daubenmire has formed a large group of Christians called the Salt and Light Brigade, referencing Christ's call to believers to be the salt and light of the world (Matthew 5:11-14). Coach Daubenmire indicates that he will be posting updates on planned acts of resistance to the lawlessness of this Supreme Court. (www.saltandlightbrigade.org)

Bible Christians and the rest of the millions of Americans who made known their staunch opposition to homosexual sham "marriages" through the ballot box (in 31 states), can now stand with these brave men and others like them who have fearlessly chosen to resist. We can declare boldly that we will not be disenfranchised. Why should we allow disenfranchisement in America, where so much blood has been spilled to guarantee us the right of conscience?

It is a given that the pernicious court system aided by a lawless Obama administration will act viciously toward opposing Christians, with a force matching that of Hitler's Nazi regime. And we should not expect aid from spineless legislators (of any political party) or so-called conservative pundits. They will talk a good game, but most were cowering in their corners hoping for the very decision that the Court has rendered. They can now hide behind that decision and claim their hands are tied (true Pontius Pilates). They will say "The Law" has spoken, when in fact five self-serving, lawless Jurists have forced their godless will upon the American people, again.

More and more Americans will be persecuted, prosecuted, and imprisoned as this Court ruling goes into effect. It is certain to play out that way, because eventually the persecuted will stop accepting lawless court rulings that result in their bankruptcy and Naziesque brainwashing sessions ("sensitivity training") that are punishment for noncompliance with evil. At some point, Americans being so treated will say "No" and stop responding out of fear. All of America will then grasp what homofascism truly means, as the Germans eventually grasped what Nazism meant.

With the organization and planning that Pastor Owens, Coach Daubenmire, and groups like them will provide, victims of homofascism can now share a sense that they are not alone. Organized Americans stand with them. If a small business is terrorized by activist homosexuals (because most big businesses are already on their knees doing their bidding) or an individual's job or position is threatened by homosexual tyranny, those people can seek legal protection from groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), American Counsel for Law and Justice (ACLJ), and Liberty Counsel. All are adept in the legal fight against the enemies of Christianity.

What the Court has done is galvanize decent people into an opposing force, and I thank God for that.

This is now a fight between defiant, flawed humankind (the perverted activists and all who support them) and Almighty God.

I pity the fool who thinks the former will win this one. No matter how many Christians the godless persecute or kill off, Christianity will stand, and they – activist homosexuals, the legislators and judges who bow to them, the apostate Christians and all others who support them – will face Almighty God in due time for their actions.

It does not matter how many of our family members have chosen to live homosexual lifestyles (two of mine died of AIDS). Nor does it matter how many homosexual friends you may claim. We will be called to account for where we choose to stand on this issue of unrepentant homosexual sin and the tyranny that accompanies it. Almighty God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7, 8), and those who are currently flipping Him off, spitting in His face, as it were, will be judged.

It is true that all of us will eventually face judgment, but those who are not willfully defying God need not fear that judgment. God knows who willfully sins and who does not, and for that, all who are repentant and struggling against inherently sinful natures can be grateful.

The fear of God that is expected of us is not the morbid fear of an unjust tyrant, such as the tyrants who now control America. It is a fear that is born out of reverent respect for His overwhelming power and His perfect justice. Like that of a caring and loving Father. Bible Christians must hold fast to this truth.

Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.