Saturday, June 20, 2015

President Obama Bans the use of Guns in all Films, Television Shows and Video Games

Gun Rights, Political Satire
By Dr. Rich Swier
After the tragic shooting at a Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina President Obama has issued an Executive Order to ban the use of guns in all Hollywood films, television shows and video games. The White House issued the following statement: 
“It is time to eliminated the root cause of guns violence in America. It is time to make Hollywood a ‘gun free zone’. It is for the greater good of the American people that families and our children are not exposed to wanton gun violence in film, on television and in video games. 
It is the proper role of government to deny gun use by Hollywood actors, screen writers, directors and producers for the welfare of all. 
It is time for the Terminator to be terminated.” 
The White House is considering whether to extend its ban on the use of guns to the music industry. 
Michael Bloomberg, founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, supported the President’s decision stating, “I support President Obama’s efforts to remove guns from all media. I am frustrated by Hollywood producing more films involving gun violence, which works against efforts by organizations such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns. All guns in the media should be considered illegal and anyone using one must be tried by the Department of Justice to the full extent of the law. Additionally, from this point on Bloomberg will no longer use the word gun in any of our publications. The word gun, phrases such as gun violence and shooting will be stricken from our style manuals.” 
The American Screen Writers Association and the ACLU issued a statement warning against this unprecedented violation of Hollywood’s Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms while on camera. The ACLU statement warned, “We are on a very slippery slope when anyone denies the right of screen writers to use guns in scripts and the right of actors to keep and bear arms. President Obama is clearly violating the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We plan on initiating a lawsuit against this illegal Executive Order. We hope that the Ninth District takes up our lawsuit and provides a stay order on President Obama’s illegal action.” 
The Screen Actors Guild is concerned about the loss of jobs due to President Obama’s Executive Order. Screen Actor’s Guild President Ken Howard warned, “This Executive Order will cause a collapse of the film industry and massive loss of jobs. Those actors and actresses, film crews and support persons who provide the silver screen audience with great action films, such as Die Hard, The Expendables, Lethal Weapon, The Godfather, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, James Bond and Fast and Furious to name a few, will now find themselves out of work. This will devastate the film industry and harm our union workers.” 
The Walt Disney Company, owners of the Star Wars franchise, has asked President Obama to exempt light sabers, Jedi mind control and the force from the ban. 
The National Rifle Association in a press release stated, “All Hollywood actors, screen writers, directors and producers must be immediately subject to background checks. Due to the criminal backgrounds and drug abuse by many in Hollywood, it is imperative that gun use be tightly controlled. We support President Obama in his efforts to control violence in the media. The NRA will be partnering with the President and Democratic members of Congress to provide over-site during the implementation of his Executive Order banning all banning use of all guns in the media. NRA members may now report violations on a White House hotline 800- Gun Free or via Twitter #GunFreeHollywood. We thank President Obama for making Hollywood a gun free zone.”