Sunday, December 27, 2015

Elites and media really hate Donald Trump’s voters

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Elites and media really hate Donald Trump's voters, Michael Walsh writes:

In the movie business, there's something called the "cheer moment," when the long-suffering hero finally decks his tormentor with a satisfying right cross. What the Beltway Republicans fail to understand is that their conservative base — which gave them stunning congressional victories in 2010 and 2014 and has nothing to show for it — has been longing for precisely that moment since Reagan crushed Mondale 49-1 in 1984.

The Trumpkins are sick of winning and having nothing to show for it, and their vengeance will be terrible. Maybe the Establishment should stop belittling them and listen instead.

See also: past hatred of establishment GOP and DNC-MSM for libertarians, Tea Party voters, Perot voters, and any group whose goal is the most radical of all: for government to leave you the hell alone. I'm not at all sure that's Trump's goal for government, but then, as Glenn has noted, "Trump and Sanders are just symptoms. The real disease is in the ruling class that takes such important subjects out of political play, in its own interest. As Angelo Codevilla wrote in an influential essay in 2010, today's ruling class is a monoculture that has little in common with the rest of the nation."