Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Minorities Are Winning Under President Trump

President Trump Has Fought For All Americans To Have Better Job Opportunities, Access To Healthcare, And Overall Quality Of Life

President Trump has fostered a roaring economy for all Americans, driving down unemployment rates for minority groups, with African American, Asian, and Hispanic unemployment hitting near record lows in recent months.

Under President Obama, African American unemployment was on average 5.2 percent higher than the general population, and Hispanic unemployment averaged 1.9 percent higher.

Under President Trump, not only has minority unemployment plummeted, but the unemployment gap has narrowed to 3 percent for African Americans, and 0.8 percent for Hispanics.

President Trump has focused on providing jobs training programs that help Americans who can’t afford a college education earn money while they learn.

President Trump has been an avid advocate of prison reform, supporting The First Step Act, sentencing reforms, and hosting a Prison Reform Summit where he sought input from over 100 activists, experts and policymakers.

In an effort to promote the growth of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), President Trump has increased funding for various HBCU programs.

Under President Trump, technical education and vocational studies, programs that are heavily utilized by minorities, have received $1.2 billion in funding.

Under President Trump, Obamacare’s harmful and costly individual mandate has been repealed and access to Short-Term Limited-Duration plans has been expanded in order to provide more affordable healthcare plans to the American people.

Premiums for these plans can be up to 80 percent lower than Obamacare healthcare plans.

STLD plans can offer more affordable healthcare options for minorities.