Tuesday, July 07, 2020

U.S. civil unrest a reflection on public education

A burned down building in Minneapolis following a night of rioting in response to the death of George Floyd.  Photo by David Brickner / Shutterstock.com

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”
– Vladimir Lenin

Photo:Vladimir Lenin

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party targeted Germany’s youth to maturate their holocaustic movement. Their message misrepresented the party as a youth movement: dynamically resilient, futuristic and enterprising. Millions of young Germans were ushered into the world of Nazism in their classrooms. The system was purged of teachers unwilling to proselytize this doctrine. The Nazis seized control of public education for the sole purpose of creating a society Hitler could use to advance Nazism.

 Photo: Adolf Hitler

Not only did Hitler’s plan allow the Third Reich to indoctrinate impressionable children, but it helped remove them from the influence of the parents who opposed his hate regime. Hitler and his party knew families were cohesive groups and were an obstacle for him to accomplish his goals. Hitler adroitly used public education to destroy the family unit. By destroying family loyalty, he could make youths loyal to him. This is what the left has been doing for years in America with public education.

Since 1979, when Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education (DoED) to buy votes from the National Education Association (NEA), liberal politicians have leveraged this unholy alliance to their benefit. Progressives and socialists have taken positions at every level of public schooling and the NEA. Since state colleges and universities are stocked from this gene pool, they have locked down key positions as college professors, deans, and members of Boards of Regents around the nation.

“Now we can only teach what the Democrats allow us to teach.”
– David Byrd, Oakland, California teacher

Until Carter federalized education, public school and state college curriculum was developed and controlled by local school boards and states. Although leftists had infiltrated education for years, it was not until the election of Barack Obama that they succeeded in exterminating traditional education. In 2008, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano led a squadron of liberal educators, governors, politicians and corporate officers to literally rewrite public education methodology into the monster it is today.

This entourage developed what is now known as Common Core, aka the liberal education wish list.

Common Core was the mechanism the federal government needed to totally control education. Obama’s policy gurus required states to adopt Common Core to obtain funds from the DoED with delusive federal strings attached. All but five states took this provocative bait. This hammered the coffin shut on local education and allowed the teaching of new liberalism to all future generations. 

Common Core erased or rewrote everything in history leftists didn’t like. This was funded by liberal elitists and influential leftists like George Soros. They disparaged the genuine cultural and political history of our republic to portray socialism superior to capitalism. Textbooks expunged events, left out or misrepresented facts, inserted new unimportant individuals, chastised our founder’s works, and criticized the Constitution as out of date and something politicians could change if they did not like it.

“Our public schools are designed as the great equalizers of our society.”
– Janet Napolitano

Common Core re-educated America’s youth by not only misrepresenting U.S. history, but by also glorifying the benefits of socialism. They eliminated civics courses, the concepts of free speech, religious freedom, and the importance of the Second Amendment. Students no longer learn about the importance of the Electoral College, the Declaration of Independence, and even our Constitution.

It is this demeaning of America that taught today’s students the U.S. is racist, violent, oppressive, homophobic, and is a white privileged society, that has led to the current civil unrest in the United States. When students are indoctrinated with leftist propaganda that every American institution is flawed and they do not have to show respect for our founding documents, and not taught who our real American heroes and villains are, they take the law into their own hands – and they run with it.

We’ve watched America’s cities burn, businesses looted. We've witnessed rioters destroy every piece of U.S. history they get their hands on. We saw the 54th Massachusetts monument to the black Union Civil War regiment vandalized. Humanitarian Paul Harris and abolitionist Matthias Baldwin got the same treatment in Philadelphia. The sacred Emancipation Proclamation Monument in Washington was only spared because of the National Guard. Toppling statues is a bad sign in our republic. It’s less a policy for police reform, and more of a riotous coup to initiate regime change and revolution!

When we see nonviolent protesters burning our flag, an act 30 years ago that created such outrage it spurred Congress to pass a law against it, today it doesn’t even get media coverage? And these revolutionary sentiments have been repeated by liberal politicians, reporters and corporate officers who support them. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said “250 years of American racism excuses violence.” In Fairfax, Virginia, a leftist official said, “Rioting is an integral part of our march towards progress.”

“Ah, don’t you tell me over and over again, we’re not on the eve of destruction.”
– Barry McGuire

The DoED is responsible for this. This national display of disrespect for law and legitimate ways to remedy abuse and corruption have very little to do with the murder of George Floyd and everything to do with the quality and credibility of Common Core public education. We used to have a collection of books and foundational education materials that embellished ideas that entrenched a bedrock of values and principles. This developed strong character and knowledge in our youth.

“The only ones keeping Common Core afloat now are teacher unions and people like Bill Gates.”
– Linsey McGoey

Since 2008, the degrading of the U.S. and promoting of socialism in our schools has resulted in 51 percent of our youth preferring socialism to democracy. According to a recent Harris poll, 72 percent of the voters under 34 favor a government guaranteed income. Two thirds of the millennials believe America is a racist and sexist country and 40 percent think America is “the most unequal society in the world.” These recent Common Core grads have adopted the same illiterate worldview of those who hate America.

Adolf Hitler once said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Hitler conquered Germany by dividing the youth from their families and obligating them to turn in any family member who did not support the Third Reich. This is what the left has been doing since they sold Common Core to our states. And they used the nation’s largest public sector union, the NEA, to police and enforce it.

Education is about character and morality, which involves religion. Hitler banned religion in German schools to keep the youth subservient to him – just as we did with Common Core. We can’t mention religion or God without the risk of violating new liberalism. If we dare mention patriotism, we will be accused of nationalism. How long can America exist under Common Core’s liberalism before our republic meets the fate of Hitler’s Germany? Today’s riots validate we could be one election away.

“Whenever a vicious portion of a population shall be permitted to gather in bands of hundreds and thousands, and burn churches, ravage and rob provision stores, shoot editors, hang and burn the obnoxious persons at pleasure with impunity, this government cannot last.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Photo: Abraham Lincoln

Contributing Columnist William Haupt III is a retired professional journalist, author, and citizen legislator in California for over 40 years. He got his start working to approve California Proposition 13.