Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Woman-to-Woman News: The Florida Federation of Republican Women

Dear Patriots:

Call to Action

Before next month can I count on you to share the book "Animal Farm" with a family member, friend, or someone that is having trouble understanding Socialism?  

If you do, that person will no longer be confused about what Socialism is, and you will have won another vote for anti-socialism Republicans. 

For months we have lived in fear of a foreign virus, a virus few had even ever heard of, but one that we were told could kill us all. We fervently set out to remove the virus from our shores, our homes, our businesses, and throughout the great Florida outdoors we cherish. 

After months of suffering grave illness and being financially impacted, we believed that we had lessened and adjusted to the virus in a manner which would allow us to resume our lives safely. 

We gained knowledge of how to protect our health. We regained our ability to survive economically. With much joy we even returned to the peaceful enjoyment of our Florida environment. 

Sadly, though wounded, that dragon virus has not been slain. How one moves forward is a very personal decision. I believe that taking personal responsibility for one's health is one way to take back the control of our lives. The other is to do what I know you do best, help those in need and respect divergent opinions while you go about your work and life on your terms.

Allowing the coronavirus to obstruct, disrupt, or deter us from electing Republicans is not an option. The fact that America was weakened by the pandemic has given rise to a killer far more dangerous than that of the coronavirus - Marxist Socialism. Marx himself declared that Socialism and Communism are interchangeable. 

Daily I see more, not less, destruction of America, our history, our values , and our very existence. Crime is spiraling out of control causing businesses to close or cower to the demands of the mobs that threaten them. Even justice has been co-opted into adjudicating forgiveness if one's color, culture, or ideology is reason for their lawlessness. 

Are you ready to cede to those that hide their faces while committing heinous acts for the purpose of destabilizing America and controlling your every thought and movement; or, are you still In To Win For Florida and For America?

Do you see the blood on our flag dripping? Do you see the blue symbol of freedom and justice fading? Is purity an attribute you no longer will strive for? It feels to me that we have come to the proverbial fork in the road. Will you accept the dictates of Socialism now; or, will you campaign to defeat it?

I am not confused as to the right direction, nor will I be restrained by conflict from saying it is "Now or Never." We either win this next election cycle or succumb to the mob that will eventually take everything we have worked for: freedom, opportunity, and justice, along with the dignity that comes from self-reliance.

Through the Florida Federation of Republican Women, you are presented with many options to join in productive campaign initiatives and campaigns, along with having the resources and support of team Republican Women. 

If you are not already actively involved in a campaign, volunteer today. 

Those that have already taken up the challenge, you are my heroes and the patriots that will not only protect but will preserve America for the next generation. 

"In Union there is Strength" -- Abraham Lincoln.

Choosing Never,

 Deborah Tamargo
President, FFRW