Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Black Conservative Talk Show Host Called Republican Wh***

By Robert Oliver

On Sunday, March 20, David called the Black Excellence Hour on Chicago’s WVON1690 radio station to say:

“Yeah you black-ass Republican wh*** you motherf***** (unintelligible) bit**!” 

Then he hung up.

P Ray, age 34, responded with laughter.and said, “This man waited on hold (20 minutes) just to cuss me out, and these are the types of men I’m supposed to submit to? Ewwwwwwww! That’s gross!”  She felt the caller was “pathetic.”

The reason why P Ray was attacked is that her conservative political views do not line up with those of the politically-liberal Black Democratic body politic and of the White majority Democratic establishment. Unlike the majority of Black Democrats in Chicago, she is a strong supporter of former US president Donald Trump, who she affectionately calls “My Donnie.” Her objective with her show is to “turn Chicago Red.” 

A native Chicago West-Sider and  a former lifelong Democratic voter, she says, “ White liberals are the most racist people in America, and we can’t align ourselves with them anymore. No victimhood. Blacks have much more in common with conservative values than liberal values that are dictated to the Black community by the White Democratic liberal establishment.”

The Black Excellence Hour with P Ray is an urban conservative sociopolitical show that discusses, amother other topics, “Negro patriotism, American abundance and rational esteem with a heavy geopolitical slant,” she says. Since December 20, 2020, the show  has been airing every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Central Time on WVON. The show also can be accessed worldwide on the WVON IHeart Radio website link and on Facebook on the Black Excellence Hour page.. 

“At first, the callers didn’t like it, but now everybody loves the show! I help people articulate their feelings in a logical way,” she said. She also expressed that people who disagree with her are actually talking about her on other radio talk shows, therefore are promoting her.  

“As Governor Sarah Palin said I’m not worried. My haters got my back!”


Robert Oliver is a freelance writer and a former community newspaper editor in Southern California.