Saturday, March 19, 2022

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Finally News Fit to Print

By The Editorial Board | The Wall Street Journal 

Hunter Biden walks to Marine One on the Ellipse outside the White House on May 22, 2021. - PHOTO: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

The press that ignored the story in 2020 admits that it’s real.

Talk about burying the lead—for 17 months. The New York Times has finally acknowledged that Hunter Biden’s business dealings are legitimate news. Implicit apology accepted.

The Times waddled in this week with a story on the “tax affairs” of the President’s son, including this gem in the 24th paragraph: “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

You don’t say. This admission comes six months after a Politico writer published a book that also confirmed that the laptop emails were authentic. But the original scoop belonged to the New York Post, which broke its laptop story in October 2020—only to meet a media wall of denial and distortion.

Rather than attempt to confirm the emails, nearly all of the media at the time ignored the story or “fact-checked” it as false. This in-kind contribution to candidate Joe Biden was all the more egregious given other evidence supporting the Post’s scoop. Neither Hunter Biden nor the Biden campaign denied that the laptop was Hunter’s. And Hunter’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, went public with documents backing up some of the laptop’s contents.

The herd of media conformists also echoed the speculation of obviously partisan “intelligence officials.” Some 50 of these officials—headlined by former Obama spooks James Clapper and John Brennan —circulated a statement peddling the Russian “disinformation” line—even as they admitted they had no evidence.

This result was a blackout of the Hunter news, except in a few places, including these pages. Twitter blocked the Post’s account for nearly two weeks, and Facebook used algorithms to quash the story. This deprived voters of information they might have wanted to know before Election Day.

There’s more for our reborn media sleuths to investigate. Mr. Bobulinski provided these pages with documents showing Hunter was looking to use the Biden name to profit from a business deal with a Shanghai-based company with ties to the Chinese government.

One May 2017 “expectations” email from Hunter associate James Gilliar shows Hunter receiving 20% of the equity in the venture, with another “10 held by H for the big guy.” Mr. Bobulinski says the “big guy” is Joe Biden. To this day the Bidens have not had to explain their business arrangement.

The emails make clear that Hunter was cashing in on the Biden name, including as a board member of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. That influence-peddling was a potential political liability for Mr. Biden, which was why the facts deserved an airing before the election. They are still relevant, especially with U.S.-China relations so fraught.

The Times won a Pulitzer Prize for pushing the Russia collusion narrative, which proved to be much ado about nothing. The New York Post deserves a Pulitzer, but it will probably have to settle for well-earned vindication. 

Potomac Watch (10/22/20): As former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, attests that Hunter Biden did refer to his father as "the big guy"—the news media remains silent. Images: AP/New York Post Composite: Mark Kelly



Today’s blacklisted American: Man who found Hunter Biden’s laptop harassed, threatened, and driven to bankruptcy

By Robert Zimmerman

A witch hunt: The mainstream media’s modern approach to discourse.

Persecution is now cool! The computer repair shop owner who found and made public Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the election has found himself harassed, threatened, and even driven to bankruptcy because of that entirely legal act.

The Delaware computer repair shop owner who alerted the FBI to Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop before ultimately taking it to Rudy Giuliani says he’s faced harassment from Big Tech, the IRS and other government agencies ever since, and now faces bankruptcy.

“I was getting a lot of death threats,” John Paul Mac Isaac said. “I had to have a Wilmington trooper parked in front of my shop all the time.

“There were multiple situations where people came in and you could tell they were not there to have a computer fixed. And if there were not other people in the shop, I don’t know what would have happened,” he told The Post. “I was having vegetables, eggs, dog s–t thrown at the shop every morning.”

The threats and violence got so severe in November 2020 that Isaac had to shutter his shop and flee Delaware and live in hiding for more than a year. When he later tried to file for unemployment Delaware bureaucrats kept closing his case without resolution so that he received no checks and had use some of the money in his 401K to pay his bills. The Delaware unemployment department only finally acted after he sent a letter to the state’s governor.

In December 2021, the computer man sent a pointed letter to Delaware Sen. Chris Coons. “I would hate to think that I was singled out in a politically motivated attack. If a state agency was weaponized to punish a perceived political enemy, the country has a right to know,” he warned the Democratic colleague of Joe Biden.

The unemployment cash came swiftly after that, though Mac Isaac insists he still ended up getting short-changed by several thousand dollars.

This ugly story, published on March 12, 2022, takes on even more significance with the admission by the New York Times only four days later that this laptop was real, belonged to Hunter Biden, and contained significant evidence of corruption by Hunter in league with his father, Joe Biden, now the President of the United States.

The leftist Times of course is very late to the game. That laptop’s existence, and the evidence it contained, was made public in October 2020 — weeks before the election — with the New York Post publishing the scoop. The conservative press then immediately documented it quite widely, while the leftist press censored that information instead. Twitter shut down the New York Post’s feed. The Times and the major media outlets refused to publish anything about it, other than to smear it as “Russian disinformation,” without any evidence.

That slander campaign helped Joe Biden get elected. It also directly contributed to Isaac’s own problems, as the dishonest reporting by these corrupt media outlets encouraged the hate and blacklisting that Isaac then experienced.

I doubt most of my readers depend on the New York Times or the mainstream press for much of their political news. If you do, however, this story should finally make you question these sources. Nor are is this story the first example of their dishonesty and incompetence. The mainstream press has for now more than decade clearly revealed itself to be corrupt, blatantly biased in favor of the Democratic Party, and wholly unreliable in its reporting. Anyone who still believes anything they publish in connection with that party, especially prior to any election, should have their own head examined for being too innocent, naive, or willfully ignorant.