Friday, July 01, 2022

Raccoons Learn From Their Mistakes. Democrats Don't; Watch Them Cling to Wokeness Going Into the Midterms


(Robert MacFarlane via AP)

A raccoon will fudge around with your cooler until it figures out how to open it, and then it will happily eat your hot dogs. It will remember what it has learned and will spend the rest of its fat, happy life raiding coolers and gorging on skinless Sabretts. If only Democrats were as smart as raccoons.

Democrats are not as crafty as raccoons. They refuse to learn from their bloopers.

They have nothing left to run on and continue to break out the old standards that have failed them before — specifically, referring to anyone who doesn’t vote for them as bigoty bigots and rascally racists.

Basically, they are doubling down on “woke.”

FACT-O-RAMA! The Yeti Tundra 35 cooler is supposedly “bear-resistant,” but it costs $275, considerably more than a pack of Sabrett’s hot dogs. My anti-raccoon move is to scatter BBQed bratwursts in a nearby camp, thus insuring that local “trash pandas” will leave my camp alone.

Someone clever, not likely a Democrat, once stated, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The Democrats think they can insult their way to victory in November. I say, have at it. I’ll even help. Here are some election mottos that the Marxtards can break out for 2022:

  • Do you believe in a woman’s “right” to have an abortion up until the third grade, or are you a misogynist? VOTE BLUE!
  • Stop calling them looters, you RACIST!
  • We support women (unless a man in a dress comes along, you transphobe)!
  • Never mind the crime wave we created; give us your guns, redneck!
  • Let us groom your kids, you homophobe!
  • If you don’t vote for us you’re a “white nationalist” even if you’re black!

OCD-O-RAMA! Raccoons will wash their food before they eat it. Some West Coast restaurants allow drug addicts to shoot up in their restrooms. Just sayin’.

Double-down Dumb-Dumbs

Somehow, no one in the Democrat party has wondered why they lost the support of blue-collar unions like the largest police union in the country. Maybe it had something to do with more than five years of anti-cop rhetoric?

So what have the commies done to fix this dilemma? They defunded the police and gave criminals stay-out-of-jail-free cards. And if you speak up against the Democrats’ crime wave, you’re somehow “racist.”

Woke Democrats have reduced women to “birthing persons” and “menstruating people.” They turned a blind eye to the shocking level of black-on-Asian crime. They continue to insult Hispanic people with the God-awful moniker “Latinx.” Why? Because, unlike raccoons, Democrats just refuse to learn.

“I’m sick of political correctness. What the hell is ‘Latinx?’ I’m a Latina. Don’t ever call me ‘Latinx.’ I’d rather be called a sp*c,” says my Puerto Rican, bisexual, gun-toting, Trump-loving fiancee, Jessica Collazo.

The Democrat party is dying, yet they hang on to “woke” with a Hilter-in-the-bunker-like fervor. They’ve chased away Asians, Hispanics, and even a large number of black voters. But those college-educated white Karens running the Democrat base refuse to learn how to open a cooler. I’m okay with that. More hot dogs for us.

Raccoons Learn From Their Mistakes. Democrats Don't; Watch Them Cling to Wokeness Going Into the Midterms – PJ Media