Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Age of Trump

By Jeff Lukens | American Thinker

One hundred years from now, historians will be looking back and calling this the Age of Trump, for Donald Trump has as much clout today in America that only the most notable presidents in American history have ever seen. He could become a seminal figure in American history on a par with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. 

It was the providential hand of the Lord that allowed him to win an upset victory in 2016. Trump prevailed in doing what he promised against much opposition as well. And the Lord may not be done with him yet. Assuming Trump remains healthy and is reelected in 2024, he will likely be the most prominent political figure in America for a span equal to that of Franklin Roosevelt. 

The Democrats could have been done with Trump in eight years, but no, they had to steal an election and expose their corruption to the entire world. And that corrupt image is personified in Joe Biden. 

Sometimes a loss can be a blessing in disguise. In contrast to a narrow Trump win in 2020 and contentious and belligerent fights overturning stolen elections in court, the prospect for both Trump and the Republican party looks bright. The stolen election was providential in exposing the Democrats for the frauds they are, which the people can plainly see. 

What Trump and his public relations staff could not do when he was in office, Joe Biden has accomplished for him. He has made Donald Trump acceptable to voters despite their concerns about his personality. The worse Joe Biden looks, and the worse the economy is, the better Donald Trump looks, especially to young voters.

Unlike Joe Biden and most other Democrats, Donald Trump actually loves America, which resonates with everyday people. And today, he is the only one who can quickly repair the mess Biden created.

The most significant result of the Left relentlessly attacking Donald Trump is that he is the only person in the world everyone knows. And now that he is no longer in office, people can see what he has done and what they are missing, and now they want him back.  

Trump is more popular than ever, and almost every candidate Trump endorses wins their elections. His rallies are packed with thousands of enthusiastic and energetic supporters. While he mentions the election fraud, as he should, he is looking ahead as the leader of tomorrow. 

John Ellis notes in his News Items Substack:

At every rally, when he makes his entrance, he applauds the audience, at some length, signaling his respect. He's the only American presidential candidate and president (that I know of) who ever did or does that. He understands how much it is appreciated. And he understands, better than anyone, that he must not, ever, disrespect MAGA nation and all of its component parts. They're loyal. They'll forgive him any number of sins. But he must be loyal to them in return.

When Trump was elected in 2016, it was uncertain whether he would abandon the Right-to-Life cause as quickly as he adopted it. Not only did Trump not abandon the cause, but he also carried it to victory. The justices he appointed and backed through contentious confirmation hearings made the difference in the landmark Dobbs and EPA decisions. 

These Supreme Court decisions were enormous wins for Donald Trump. They make him more than the front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. They make him the overwhelming favorite.

Any talk about someone else besides Trump leading the GOP to victory in 2024 is fantasy. On all issues, candidates will say what they will do, but only Donald Trump can say what he has done and will do again. He is the only Republican leader who has successfully reached out to blue-collar and non-white voters. We can trust him because we know he is also immune to being co-opted by the swamp culture of Washington D.C. 

Unlike other presidential candidates, Trump will have the opportunity to enable the country twice to rebuild its military, provide us energy independence, experience a booming economy, secure our borders, lower our taxes, and control inflation. 

Democrats are bereft of new ideas or a positive direction for the country, and all they offer is hatred, division, and decline. So now, they will likely face Trump again in 2024, and this time an army of mobilized MAGA patriots will not allow them to steal the election again. 

Trump is leading a new multiracial grassroots coalition of Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians that will dominate American politics for decades to come. The coming red wave could obliterate Democrats and make them go the way of the Whigs. 

Trump is a force of nature, and we are only halfway through his dominance of the political stage. The movement he leads is a generational realignment based on restoring the constitutional republic upon which our nation was founded. You could aptly label this time in history as the Age of Trump. 


Jeff Lukens is a West Point graduate, U.S. Army veteran, and political activist. He can be reached here.