Friday, October 07, 2022

The New D-Day Arrives On November 8.

By Rick Hayes

Americans believe the United States Constitution gives them the God-given right to say and think what they want. But the reality that stares citizens in the face seven days a week is the existence of an upper aristocratic level of soulless untouchables that control much of what is allowed to be communicated in American society.

When one thinks about the increase in violence, drug overdose deaths, blatant lies, deception, and corruption, many Americans point to politicians as the root cause. However, politicians promoting and protecting anti-American Marxist extremists could not exist without the support of the propaganda communications establishment, aka the mainstream media.

The propaganda media lurks in the shadows in plain sight and pretends only to report the carnage. In truth, they are the real puppet masters. These dishonest giants like The New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post carefully promote a coordinated deception on the American people.

Well-dressed, sitting in modern studio settings with stylish graphics on screen, they look the part of respectable news people. But behind the facade, these men and women repeat what their corporate masters feed them as they bow at the altar of the almighty dollar. America has no media.

And because Americans are without a reliable, unbiased news source, they believe what they see and hear, hold opinions, and make many critical decisions based upon a myriad of lies. Without true media, America is less free.

As a recent example, many Americans never heard of Tony Bobulinski and his allegations that his business partner, Hunter Biden, defrauded him of millions of dollars. The propaganda media made sure that there was a complete blackout on anything relating to Bobulinski's claims. Bobulinski might have been the biggest liar of the century or the most extraordinary whistle-blower of the century. Still, Americans never had the chance to gauge his allegations since the cabal silenced him.

Many Americans never knew that Hunter Biden's laptop was real and contained information pointing to the Biden family's alleged criminal behavior. In coordination with the F.B.I., the propaganda media ensured that the public believed the laptop was fake and a product of Russian disinformation.

Biden had to become the next President, and squashing these and other realities secured that goal.

If the American people only knew the unimaginable damage the mainstream media perpetrates, not only would they fiercely reject those establishments but immediately set out to support new and unbiased news organizations.

Facebook and Twitter are not friends of freedom or the American people. Although these deceitful platforms should be allowed to exist in a free society, the American people should understand that both entities practice censoring accurate information on a grand scale.

This November, the propaganda establishment will stop at nothing to ensure far-left Democrats win their elections. President Biden is only a useful idiot if he has the support of a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.

Many resources were employed to put Biden in the oval office. And because the propaganda establishment was successful in 2020, America has seen record-breaking illegal crossings, increasing gas prices, food shortages, and increasing inflation. All part of the bigger plan of American transformation.

This November, the far-left Marxist establishment and their propaganda media will try to manufacture a big Democrat win. Look for numerous fabricated scandals of Republican candidates to explode in the news. Also, look for several arrests to be highly publicized involving Judges and influential Republican contributors.