Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why The Shellacking Cometh

By Kevin McCullough | Townhall.com

AP Photo/Mark Tenally

Change is coming to Washington. It marches, strong, firm, and angry.

But make no mistake—it IS coming.

As someone who is always concerned about situations being taken for granted—please hear me—I don’t think anything should be taken for granted. So this isn’t an excuse for anyone to sit back.

America First candidates and voters have to continue to work in a near exhaustive state for the next 23 days. Shake every voter’s hand. Give one more speech than they planned, and be at one more event than was scheduled—every day. They need to keep explaining with every bit of voice and breath that they have what their plans are to fix the nation. They need to leave nothing in reserve but give it all they have 24/7 until November 8th.

But if they do—there are some encouraging signs!

POLLS: At present, it appears the micro-dead-cat-bounce that *president Biden got for draining our emergency oil reserves is completely gone. And while GOP voters hold higher engagement and passion percentages about why they will vote than Democrats, Independents are on team GOP at a 30+ margin. Looking even more closely at the recent Trafalgar and Rasmussen surveys there are even greater reasons to be optimistic. Given how awful the left has attacked known GOP voters, the way Biden and Jean Pierre have slandered half the country as fascists, the GOP should not be ahead anywhere. The ones who are the angriest at Biden simultaneously have the least trust in pollsters, surveys, the internet, etc. So think of it like this: “whatever ‘lead’ a poll gives the generic GOP vote currently — there are a great many more being uncounted.”

GAS TANKS & GROCERY CARTS: The trickery of taking our emergency reserves and getting gas prices down .08-.30 cents nationally hasn’t fooled anybody. We still need to be producing our energy (ASAP) and there seems to be a blind spot in the Biden radar. He’s giving stump speeches like there is no problem, and anyone who even asks him about it just stirs his dementia-infused wrath. But every week moms and dads are shelling out $100’s more in gas than they did before he was elected. Every trip to the grocery store magnifies this as well. And these injuries fester more deeply in working and middle-class families. These families will vote in a big way. Ignorance, malfeasance, and incompetence are very much on the ballot, and people will vote against them.

ABORTION, SHMABORTION: Don’t believe the lie that the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs handed the election to the Democrats. According to the most recent surveys “Abortion” polls at only 8% as to being the “most important” issue to voters. Compare that with Economy/Inflation sitting in the mid-30 % range, and crime closing in on a high 20%, the narrative doesn’t hold up. And for those who do say it is their number one issue, it is likely split between those for and against what happened in Dobbs. The truth is that the average woman is far more intelligent and informed than the incredibly uninformed Stacy Abrams. Abortion is no longer (if it ever was) a monolithic issue for women, and the pro-life side of the debate has been energized nearly as much as the pro-abortion side has been.

ANGRY MAMA BEARS: And if Abortion isn’t an issue rallying women this cycle—any idea what issue is? Let’s put it this way when you try to brainwash kids, turn them against their parents, and try to facilitate all kinds of smutty material for them to read, and abortions and transition services behind their backs—you’ve awakened an opponent the likes of which you’ve never experienced the such ferocity of. They are angry, they are organized, they are causing school board members to resign in places like San Francisco, and they will not be told to sit down and be quiet. Pollsters have done a poor job capturing the bottled energy that these protective and angry mamas are possessing—but Instagram and TikTok haven’t. And if their speeches, tirades, and promises of retribution are making it to those platforms—the left doesn’t know what is about to hit them.

CANDIDATE DISCIPLINE: The entire field from former President Trump, through to the race for dog catcher and especially in many of the biggest races—the message has and is consistently connecting. Candidates for Governor are talking about opening their drilling and exploration in their states and opening business relationships in Europe and beyond with nations that need American energy. It’s a perfect free-market and constitutional solution for the self-inflicted insanity brought upon us by an addled party of one at the White House. Other candidates are directly opposing Democrat intransigence on “Abortion as issue 1” vs street crime where 14-17-year-old men are performing truly late-term procedures on one another with defiant murders in plain sight. Others are directly taking on the problems posed by our open border. They aren’t talking about Mar-A-Lago, Trump, Jan 6, or any of the other miscalculated topics the left has bent over backward to force into the media. 

Voters are looking to hear from the candidates as to their actual solutions for the actual problems they are living with. The left has no answers for anything hence they have no message to build any kind of real momentum around.

It’s for these and a good number of additional reasons that I believe the polls, the lopsided advantage that independents are giving the GOP at present is real. And as long as the GOP candidates stay focused and work harder than they ever have before…

Election night shouldn’t be close.