Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Biden Tries to Recite Poem Multiple Times, Fails Miserably in Embarrassing Spectacle

 By Bonchie |

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Amidst all the consternation from all sides over the possible indictment of Donald Trump, it’s worth remembering that the United States is still being run by a man riddled with senility. That we are all worse off for it is assumed at this point, though it’s not hard to detail how.

Apparently, Bruce Springsteen was at the White House on Tuesday because that’s what the current administration has devolved into. Yeah, Biden doesn’t have the time to visit East Palestine or generally do his job in any real way, but he’s got time for Bruce Springsteen and the cast of “Ted Lasso.” Is it any wonder things are as bad as they are?

His first quip doesn’t even make sense, a common trend for the president. Are we to assume that Springsteen lives below the water line off the coastal waters of New Jersey? I think that might be an issue given he’s, you know, a human that breathes air and whatnot. As to the veracity of Biden’s legal citation, I have no idea, and I’m not going to bother to research it as it’s irrelevant either way.

It’s the attempted reading of the poem that really gets me, though. Remember, this is a guy who doesn’t use a regular teleprompter. Instead, he uses a massive TV screen set in front of them running an otherworldly font. Yet, he still can’t manage to read a word as simple as “county” when called upon. It’s an embarrassing spectacle that has far-reaching implications.

For example, China and Russia recently tag-teamed to start working on a “peace” deal regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Biden is misreading poems and making weird jokes in front of celebrities, America’s adversaries are on the move. They are consolidating power, gaining ground in the global economy, and joining up with states like Saudi Arabia, a nation that used to be a close US ally.

That happened because the senile old man in the White House decided to alienate the Saudis to please the clapping seals in the press. The result? Totalitarian states locking arms to divvy up influence in a part of the world that was trending toward peace when Donald Trump left office.

There are many other examples of Biden’s total incompetence leading to very real-world problems. Have you noticed your retirement dropping lately? All that talk of a “soft landing” is falling away as it becomes clear that rising interest rates are going to push the nation into a bad place economically. But they had to happen because, guess who, Joe Biden decided to spend like a drunken sailor so he could play-act as COVID-19 savior.

So yeah, it’s just fumbling over a poem multiple times, but it’s indicative of a bigger problem. Namely, that the President of the United States is an invalid who can’t perform the duties of his office effectively. That Democrats are actually leaning toward propping him up for a second term is astonishing. Is there any length they won’t go to in order to retain power? I think we know the answer to that.