Saturday, March 18, 2023

'Selling Oppression': Ex-BLM Member Turned Conservative Blisters San Francisco's Ridiculous 'Reparations'

By Mike Miller |

AP Photo - Eric Risberg 

Welp, as we reported on Wednesday, crazed, already-half-down-the-tubes, San Francisco is on track to roll out “reparations” to the tune of $5 million for every black resident of the out-of-control city, after the Board of Directors voted “unanimously” to move forward with the doomed to fail, obscenely-gratuitous plan.

Never mind that slavery never existed in the City by the Bay; irrational supervisors of the so-called African American Reparations Advisory Committee argued that the city’s “reparations” would be just part of a “journey toward justice for African-Americans,” as reported by the Washington Post.

Translation: San Franciso city officials want to kickstart appeasement payments to black Americans with hopes that the federal government will follow suit. Incidentally, the so-called “reparations” scam is merely repackaged wealth redistribution, which has been a cornerstone of Democrat Party policy for six decades — compassionately repackaged, if you will, with pandering faux moral self-righteousness.

San Francisco chapter chair Eric McDonnell told WaPo:

There wasn’t a math formula. It was a journey for the committee towards what could represent a significant enough investment in families to put them on this path to economic well-being, growth, and vitality that chattel slavery and all the policies that flowed from it destroyed.

There’s that word, again: “investment.” This is unadulterated nonsense, but I’m an old white guy — what the hell do I know? Fine. So let’s check in with a former Black Lives Matter activist-turned-conservative who now blisters the ideology he also once spewed.

Following the board’s “vote” in favor of reparations, as reported by Fox News, Xaviaer DuRousseau, now a PragerU personality who said he has ties to the Bay Area, told “The Ingraham Angle” the plan is a case of social justice “virtue-signaling” to “indoctrinate” minorities into feeling oppressed.

I think it’s important that, first of all, we call this exactly what it is: This is 111 ways to gaslight Black Americans into thinking that we need to be dependent on a system of handouts in order to be successful. Black Americans have been indoctrinated with these lies for far too long, and I used to fall for the lies until I took a deep dive into the videos on and realized how easily debunked these fraudulent narratives surrounding systemic racism actually are.

Host Laura Ingraham asked DuRousseau if he believes the promises will blow up in the faces of city officials, to which he responded, citing an estimate from the Hoover Institution’s estimate of the cost to San Franciscans:

Absolutely. This is never going to actually happen. It is so unrealistic to think that the average family in San Francisco is going to be able to pay $600,000 extra apiece.

 It Gets Even Worse

In addition, according to Fox, the board also agreed to explore the feasibility of (chances of getting away with) providing other forms of gratuitous handouts reparations to the city’s approximately 50,000 Black residents, including a guaranteed annual income of $97,000 for 250 years, and offering homes to Black families for just $1.

The former Black Lives Matter activist told Ingraham he was “disgusted.”

As an American and as someone who used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s disgusting to me that we are more focused on slavery, which ended in 1865 than we’re focused on the veterans who are on the streets of San Francisco — homeless and begging for spare change — in 2023.

Finally, Ingraham suggested that a majority of members of the woke crowd who support such insanity never want to personally bankroll their absurd proposals. DuRousseau heartily agreed:

They never do. If I went up to a White liberal and handed them my Venmo account, they wouldn’t send me any money, but they’re the first people to demand reparations, because it’s just another level of them virtue-signaling.

Incidentally, have you ever checked into the statistics of previously non-monied people — irrespective of race or skin color — who win tens of millions of dollars in lotteries? If not, give it a look-see.

I doubt that you’ll be surprised.

In related news, as I reported earlier, Black Lives Matter shook down corporate America to the tune of $83 billion. “Moral blackmail,” as it were, and nobody’s really sure where all of that cash went.

I bet that doesn’t surprise you, either.



About Those $5 Million San Francisco Reparations…

By Jeff Charles |

AP Photo - Eric Risberg

You have probably heard that the city of San Francisco is going to pay out billions of dollars to black American residents as a form of reparations. Indeed, the city’s board of supervisors voted unanimously to shell out $5 million for each black resident living in the city regardless of whether their ancestors faced slavery and/or Jim Crow.

This development mirrors what the state of California is attempting to accomplish by ascertaining what type of reparations package the Golden State can concoct to address the evils of discriminatory laws passed during the Jim Crow period since there was never slavery in the state.

Under San Francisco’s plan, black residents who qualify would receive an annual payment of $97,000 for the next 250 years. They would also have their debts paid and the ability to purchase a home for only a dollar – less than a Starbucks coffee.

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

But there is one glaring problem – one that I knew would be the case when the city was pretending it was going to provide a reparations package to black residents: It ain’t gonna happen.

PJMedia’s Stephen Greene pointed out that such a number represents “almost half of the city’s annual budget.”

He continued: “That $5 million lump sum would cost city residents $210 billion, right away. The state budget for all of California last year was almost exactly the same, at $213 billion — and that included an $18 billion deficit.”

With all the benefits and payments combined, San Francisco would be looking at shelling out $1.1 trillion according to Greene.

And how will the city’s government provide this San Francisco treat? As I said previously, it won’t. Greene noted that the city “would have to raise 50% more revenue or cut services on everything else by the same amount.”

But realistically, even if the city could pay this amount – or calculated a lower one – this was never going to happen. Whether one agrees with reparations or not, the fact of the matter is that neither party wants to tackle the issue – especially Democrats.

Yes, the left has been promising some type of reparations package at the federal, state, and local levels for decades. They claim they want to reverse the impact of slavery and Jim Crow on the black community. The problem is that they have been lying through their Marxist teeth the entire time.

These people have no intention of addressing the wrongs that were mostly perpetrated by their party throughout the history of black folks in America. In fact, it works to their favor not to take such an undertaking seriously.

Why would these people wish to provide a solution that might help black Americans when they can just continue to dangle it in front of their faces during election season? As usual, Democrats are using the plight of black Americans to advance an agenda, one that has absolutely nothing to do with improving the dire conditions largely created by progressive governance.

Even Mr. Magoo can see that this is nothing more than a political ploy to sell Americans of all races on the idea that Democrats truly care for marginalized groups and want to take steps to ease the burden. In reality, they would rather continue using the same policies that created this situation while pretending they are trying to fix it. It’s even better if they can just blame their “failures” on white supremacy or some other boogeyman. With the activist media firmly on their side, it won’t be difficult because they know they will never be held accountable for their broken promises.