Sunday, April 16, 2023

Stephen King steps in a pile of doggie doo doo


(Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

It’s difficult to be a liberal these days.

Sure, you own The Narrative™, the MSM, academia, corporate America, the government…pretty much every major cultural institution in the country.

But that damn narrative changes so fast that keeping up, unless you are a Gen Z transgender furry with a love of shouting into a smartphone and recording TikTok videos, you just can’t keep up.

For a hardcore Lefty like Stephen King (who I acknowledge is a superb author), it’s a minefield out there. Slogans that were celebrated one minute become slurs the next.

That’s why King stepped into a steaming pile of dog poo. He failed to check the message of the day and accidentally became a transphobe.

Granted, as a 75-year-old he might get some leeway. But Biden is 80 and he is hip to the trans-ideology, or at least gets fed the right words into an earbud as he licks his way through the Dylan Mulvaneys of the world. King has no such help, so this happened:

King was having a Twitter battle over abortion. As a fan of killing babies, he thought he had a killer argument–one so oft-repeated by feminists that it had to be a safe and effective retort to those of us who prefer babies to be born instead of wiped out. As is so often the case with liberal arguments it is a slogan, not an actual logical argument.

As we all have been told repeatedly, men can indeed get pregnant. It is a matter of Science™, and it is shocking to see that Stephen King has become a Science Denier™. Next, he will rip off his gas mask, refuse yet another COVID booster, and storm the Capitol or something.


House Judiciary GOP @JudiciaryGOP

Q: "Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?" -

A: "Yes." -Democrat witness


There it is! The Democrats in Congress know that men can get pregnant and have abortions. They invite witnesses to school the Republicans on this very topic.

King, now, must vote Republican! Pretty soon he will become a fan of tax cuts and red hats, and start screaming “End the Fed!”

I almost feel bad making fun of Stephen King. Not only do I respect his artistry–he really is an exceptional artist–but I also worry that I am being ageist. He is 75 after all. Is it OK to disagree with an older person? I fear not.

All this highlights the absurdity that is at the heart of the woke movement: the denial of reality itself. Men cannot get pregnant.

Every single person knows this in his bones. Yet the woke believe that there is something far more powerful than reality, and it is the imagination. When put like that you begin to see echoes of this idea in all the media shoved into children’s faces over the years.

It sounds so nice. So inspiring. If you think it you can do it! Nothing can stop us!

It’s actually a bad message. If you look back at children’s stories before the 20th century everything was struggle, danger, witches, and wolves. Scary stuff in the main. Fairy tales weren’t sweet and light. They were frightening because the world is frightening.

Now we have helicopter parents, happy talk, and listening to our children so we can affirm their identity. It is our job to listen to our kids.

What crap. The world is still a scary place. Your suburb may not be but look around buttercup. Read a bit of history. Kids need to know that there is the possibility of hope and achievement and also strife and struggle.

Stephen King, inadvertently and stupidly, acknowledged a fundamental reality–men and women are different–while clinging to the notion that we could live a consequence-free life if we choose.

Abortion is about erasing consequences–maintaining the illusion that you can do what you want without paying a price. Of course, somebody else has to pay that price, and it is their life. But as a Leftist such matters are inconsequential to King and his ilk.

In a healthy society, we would teach people about reality, trade-offs, consequences, morality, and truth.

But no, today’s world is all about affirming fantasies. Ironically, in failing to affirm one Stephen King is facing an actual consequence himself. Because even in the fantasy world there remain consequences, if only for those who dissent.



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