Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Trump Might Be A Modern Samson

By John Nantz |Townhall.com

AP Photo/Bryan Woolston

Trump has a lot in common with Samson —even down to the miraculous hair. His golden coiffure is a multi-million dollar brand, practically a living, undulating icon that beams with the reflected psychic energy of the left’s collective hatred. He’s repurposed his unruly comb-over as fiery nimbus — a thing sanctified like the Nazirite’s flowing locks. Trump’s even a teetotaler just as Samson was sworn to never partake of the fruit of the vine.  

The parallels are uncanny. Samson was a bit of a train wreck with the ladies. And, Trump is no stranger to controversy over his past relationships with women. Some might say that Trump is the jawbone of an ass. But, he’s no less skilled at wielding rhetorical artillery than Samson was at laying waste with his unlikely weapon plucked from the remains of a donkey. The Philistines still live, and their pagan spirit inhabits the base little creatures that lurk and snipe in Trump’s roiling wake. 

One of the lessons in the Samson story is that a man can still be used to achieve great things in spite of his glaring flaws. 

After Samson’s betrothed was given to another, he tied three hundred foxes together in pairs by binding a burning firebrand between their tails. The hoard of panicked foxes ran through the Philistines’ crops and set them ablaze. As a result, the Philistines experienced rage so intense that it was likely the first case of what would be called, thousands of years later, Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Trump is a thorn in the flesh of every America hating, freedom fearing, God killing, leftist liberal. To call them Democrats would be redundant. Every time they think they have him safely locked away in a bastion bricked and mortared with lies, he tears off the gates and walks away with them — posts, bar, and all. 

The latest Democrat ploy to stifle Trump will be as futile as binding Samson’s wrists with fresh rope. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has famously brought an indictment devoid of any substantive criminal charges. A novel approach, which should lead to an ignominious disbarment and a short trip to the garbage heap of popular consciousness.

Harvard law professor and Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz told Fox News, “I have never seen a weaker case.” Bragg is flamboyantly incompetent. It’s almost as if he knows he’ll suffer no consequence for engaging in unabashed political persecution. 

Moreover, where is the general outrage against Bragg’s obvious attempt to subvert an upcoming presidential election cycle? He’s spent his entire tenure as the Manhattan DA, engaged in wholesale decriminalization of felonies in a woke attempt at what can only be described as prosecutorial reparations. 

Trump would be well advised, as I’m sure he is, to pursue a civil suit for malicious prosecution. As opposed to Bragg, Trump has an actual cause of action since malicious prosecution is defined as the filing of a lawsuit (either civil or criminal) for an improper purpose, and without grounds or probable cause. It would be the modern, legal equivalent of Samson slaying thirty Philistines to make good on a lost bet…to other Philistines. Also, it would be great fun to watch a bulging Bragg squirm like a plump mealworm. 

Of course, hubris is warranted on the part of Democrats, no one has yet to be held accountable for the litany of horrors perpetrated by them since wresting power in 2020. The mainstream media is happily blind to anything remotely critical of Biden, including the latest revelations regarding Joe and Hunter’s criminal and likely treasonous influence peddling. 

Trump’s endgame will certainly be spectacular. If he’s able to secure the Republican nomination and then the presidency in 2024 he’ll have four years to continue the winning streak he enjoyed during his first term — winning in terms of peace and prosperity for all Americans. Who else was able to broker peace in the Middle East? I’ll help you with that — no one. Not even the demigod Obama could pull that off. Apparently, it takes more than an oily salesman’s patter to impress Israelis and Arabs. 

The vast machinery of the deep state has been arrayed against Trump since the day he descended the golden escalator at Trump Tower. They’ve probed, investigated, spied, lied, fabricated, and colluded at scale. They’ve even tried their own lesser Delilah — Stormy Daniels — but they still can’t figure out the secret to Trump’s power. It’s just too obvious, like Samson’s flowing locks. Trump is sincerely in love with his country and seeks above all else to preserve American exceptionalism by every conceivable metric. No doubt, there will be other worthy candidates that emerge during the primaries, but Trump’s already been tested by fire. 

The endgame for Samson was epic. Mocked by thousands of Philistines who partied in an ancient structure so large it held more than a thousand people on its roof, Samson bowed his head, adorned with a renewed and resplendent mane, and asked God for one last endowment of great strength. 

If given the opportunity, Trump will doubtless place his hands on the twin, marble pillars of the military-industrial complex and Washington-entrenched complex (the D.C. bureaucracy and the media) with the collective strength of tens of millions of voters. The deep state’s henchmen have felt the marble slabs shifting beneath their feet. That’s why they hate Trump so much. He’s a mortal threat like no other to their positions, power, and wealth.