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Democrats throwing black voters under bus for new progressive agenda

 By Glenn H. Reynolds | New York Post

Democrats are replacing black voters with migrants, according to columnist Glenn H. Reynolds. - Shutterstock

Sorry, black voters.

You’re being replaced.

The Democrats just aren’t that into you anymore.

They’ve got a new constituency they like better, and you’re being thrown under the bus.

Blacks in Chicago are not happy about it.

“We don’t care.” “We don’t want them here.” “Send them back.”

Those were some of the reactions of black citizens from Chicago’s South Side — which went 97% for Biden — to the importation of hundreds of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

The Chicago Sun-Times was horrified, accusing them of “sounding much like an ugly ‘America First’ rally for Donald Trump.

One man even held a sign that read ‘Build the wall 2024.’ That image alone is certain to put a smug smile on the faces of many MAGA types.”

One activist, Natasha Dunn, was unfazed: “It is a slap in the face that we as citizens of the United States of America do not have the resources and support but you’re gonna bring people who are not citizens here in our community in our buildings that we pay taxes for that you took away from us?”

Black citizens from Chicago’s South Side — which went 97% for Biden — are not happy with how migrants are being treated. -  AFP via Getty Images/PAUL J. RICHARDS

Public housing, already in short supply, is being diverted from black citizens to illegal immigrants.

Is it really surprising Chicago’s blacks are unhappy?

But, you know, when you’re a pushover, you get taken for granted.

And when your community goes 97% for the Democrats, you’re a pushover.

Now that they have you nailed down, they’re busy importing a new batch of future voters, and if that makes your life worse, well, tough.

If they’re not afraid of you, you get nothing.

That’s the Chicago Way.

And the Democratic Party Way.

The Democratic Party is now run by well-off, mostly white, woke people whose interests diverge rather sharply from black constituents.  - AP/Kiichiro Sato

For basically my entire lifetime, Democrats have courted the black vote and promoted black issues.

But in the last few years, that’s changed.

The Democratic Party is now run by well-off, mostly white, woke people whose interests diverge rather sharply from those of the party’s erstwhile black constituents.

Black voters want jobs.

Democrats want to import illegal-immigrant competition that will drive wages down and make those jobs harder to get.

Blacks want safe streets.

Woke ideologues (who generally live somewhere else) push de-policing initiatives that increase urban crime and disorder while killing off businesses that provide employment, something that’s happening in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere.

These policies are less popular with the people who actually have to live with the resulting crime and urban decay than with those who promote them.

Woke white ideologues also champion “green” policies that hike gas, utility and food prices.

Public housing, already in short supply, is being diverted from black citizens to illegal immigrants. - / MEGA

They don’t see these consequences as problems but as features because they want people to eat less and use less energy.

But those rising costs are a brutal burden on people barely getting by as it is.

(The other big “woke” issue, trans rights, isn’t especially popular with black voters either and not very relevant to their daily lives.)

And of course, even at the top levels of national politics, black voters could be forgiven for thinking the Democratic Party is kind of, well, racist.

Just look at the disproportionate attention paid to trumped-up “ethics” charges against black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

When wealthy white woman Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg traveled at donor expense more than any other justice and her husband Marty Ginsburg’s law firm represented clients before the Supreme Court, there was no national outcry.

But when Thomas vacationed with a wealthy friend who’s had no business before the court, suddenly it became a big deal.

Why are the Democrats and the media — but I repeat myself — applying different standards to a black man and a white woman?

You may well ask.

And maybe black voters should start asking too.

Voters submitting their ballots during the 2020 election. - NurPhoto via Getty Images

At John Kass’ website, Steve Huntley writes: “An idea for a poll: Survey black Americans to see if they think racism is any way behind the three-decade-long, never-ending criticism of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

They don’t want to know the answer.

(Last year, an open letter signed by scores of eminent black intellectuals denounced the left’s racist attacks on Thomas.)

The truth is the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class and the poor.

It’s the party of well-off woke white people and the billionaires who fund their nonprofits and control their corporate employers,The GOP is now the multiracial party representing the interests of working-class Americans of all extractions.

The Democrats’ nightmare is that black voters will figure that out before 2024.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is a professor of law at the University of Tennessee and founder of the blog.



HOT time in the city - Black Chicagoans got something to say about migrants


(AP Photo/Hans-Maximo Musielik)

Let’s just clear the air right from the beginning and settle the matter – by the definition laid down by the Democratic Party and their Progressive masters, the people you will read about and see in the following posts are racists, pure and simple. I don’t care what you’ve heard about skin hue determining racist proclivity – they are racists by their own party’s repeated guidelines.

That’s how this works. Their rules, not ours.

They are also very surprised about how a lifetime legacy of voting blue is working out for them, too, but that’s part and parcel of machine politics and just a bonus for us watching the implosion.

Anyway, here we go.

Chicago is a mess in its own right – a self-induced mess for sure, but a disaster in the making none-the-less. Now, take that deep blue, appallingly run, corruption infested, Democratic Progressive hellhole and start bringing in illegals by the busload, even putting them on airplanes now. Thousands of them from overburdened and collapsing border towns in Texas.

…There has been a tenfold increase over the past 10 days in daily arrivals of migrants, said Brandie Knazze, commissioner of the Department of Family and Support Services. Migrants — often families with children — are now sheltering in police station lobbies across the city. Knazze said the city used to receive 10 people per day; that’s now risen to as many as 100.

Advocates and city officials say the potential for crisis is growing, with migrants arriving with injuries, health needs and underlying conditions after surviving in substandard conditions for weeks or months on their journeys to the United States.

…Last fall, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began sending busloads of migrants to Chicago to protest new arrivals in his state. But now, individuals and families are arriving from Texas on planes, said the city’s chief engagement officer, Nubia Willman.

Whatever a “ten-fold” increase is, it’s small potatoes compared to what the border counties have been experiencing since Joe Biden took office. About time they got some relief from somewhere, wouldn’t you think? And if help wasn’t coming to the border, well, the border would have to go look for help. Two hundred a day, when down El Paso to Brownsville way, those guys are looking at ten thousand a day breaching the border?



My Life In The CHI @mylifeinthechi

The safety of the migrant influx and the city's long-term plans for migrants continue to be top of mind for many Chicagoans, as do leaders and residents. According to city officials, up to 200 migrants arrive in Chicago each day via bus and plane.


An initial response would be “Call a waahmbulance,” you pathetic, pandering creatures.

Hey! You Chicagoans are all are so proud of your Sanctuary City status, well…what’s the problem?

Are you or aren’t you a sanctuary?

The new mayor, in keeping with his touchy-feely campaign, has an affirmative case of “Why, yes we are.”

…Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson was also asked about the migrant crisis.

We have a responsibility to make sure that families that are seeking love and support in Chicago and in Illinois, that they are not just welcome but serviced,” said Johnson.

Aw. *head tilt*

If you asked the folks on Leroy Brown’s old stomping grounds on the South Side, it seems the answer is more, “HELL, no and nobody asked us to begin with!”

The Chicago Mayor’s Office is preparing to discuss plans to house migrants at the old South Shore High School.

It’s a proposal that is causing some stir within the community.

The public forum was held at the South Shore International College Prep Thursday night and it was a packed house that strongly opposed the idea of migrants being housed in their neighborhood.

“I am just outraged! I’m outraged and I don’t understand why our community was chosen?” said one resident during the forum.

City representatives told the crowd that the old South Shore High School would not be a shelter, but would be one of three respite centers for the migrants to temporarily sleep, eat and take a shower. They would start with about 250 people taking up the building’s first floor.

This is a way for the city to get the current 300 migrants out of the police stations, where they’ve been sleeping on floors and not having much to eat.

“Causing some stir”? Girlfriend, that may qualify for the understatement of the year. Those residents are flaming hot and not afraid to let their aldermen and the city know it.

They are losing their collective minds over the city’s plans to house illegals – even temporarily – in their neighborhood.


So much so that the editorial board of the Chicago Sun Times was horrified enough to write a chiding, nanny-voiced, fainting couch op-ed comparing the black South Shore residents to?

TRUMP MAGA typesScout’s honor – they did.

South Shore residents angry about migrant shelter would make MAGA proud

…No Chicagoan, no matter what part of town they live in, can forget that, even as the city struggles to find shelter for the influx of migrants being sent here by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has no qualms about using human beings as political pawns.

We as residents have to be better than that. But some in South Shore were not last week, when they shamefully emulated Abbott’s wanton callousness in protesting the planned use of a shuttered school to house migrants.

“We don’t care.” “We don’t want them here.” “Send them back.” “Close the border.” Those were among the ugly jeers that dominated the meeting at South Shore International College Prep, as the Sun-Times’ Emmanuel Camarillo reported.

What a pathetic and embarrassing display of NIMBYism, sounding much like an ugly “America First” rally for Donald Trump. One man even held a sign that read “Build the wall 2024.” That image alone is certain to put a smug smile on the faces of many MAGA types.

Boy, they can’t resist trotting out the tired MAGA as the worst insult ever. Pretentious fools. The black residents of South Shore are now MAGA racists, just like that. That “build the wall” sign must have really gotten under their skin and you know these are fellows who probably have 10 foot fences and/or security guards at their homes.

The situation is only going to deteriorate. Brandon Johnson’s not mayor yet – his inauguration is next week.

Gov Abbott is sending more buses and more migrants – since August, there’ve been about 8100 sent to the Chicago area. That’s merely a day’s total in the numbers coming over the Texas-Mexico border.

Right about now, I’ll bet MAGA’s starting to make some sense to a few South Shore residents who’d never once thought any more of it than the guys Jussie Smollet paid to bust his chops.

Build the wall makes sense now, too, eh?

Amazing what a reality check can do.