Monday, May 22, 2023

FISA: The FBI & 278k Illegal Searches

By Kevin McCullough |

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

The number is jaw-dropping.

In the fiscal year for the U.S. government that ended in November 2021, the FBI conducted more than 278,000 warrantless searches on U.S. citizens.

The information was unsealed in a FISA court ruling this past week.

So on average, during just that one year, the FBI was carrying out as many as 762 warrantless searches per day. That's 32 improper searches per hour. That breaks down to a new warrantless search every 2 minutes.

These numbers do not include proper searches that used warrants and carried out the usual function of the bureau.

It also does not include the 3,400,000 times the FBI searched citizens' data without warrants. That's 9,315 per day, 388 per hour, and 6.5 per minute.

So in 2021–every two minutes—the FBI conducted a physical search and 13 data searches—illegally—for the entire year.

The same agency we now know tipped off that Hillary Clinton was colluding with Russia to frame Donald Trump and did nothing about it…

The same agency that lied to the FISA court to extend search warrants to surveil people that were later vindicated and cleared…

The same agency that allowed agents to conduct extra-marital relationships (an action that violates the FBI code of conduct) and feverishly work to remove a lawfully elected President…

The same agency that has held the Hunter Biden laptop in its possession has chosen to do zero in enforcement….

The same agency that knew that one political party was attempting to smear, frame, and remove an incoming President and briefed then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice-President Joe Biden as to the plans…

The agency laid bare utter corruption and incompetence in the Durham report…

That agency conducted over 4 million illegal searches against people in only one year.

It was quite a year for them to act this badly. 2021 was the first year of the Biden presidency, holding the reins that began weaponizing government agencies in unprecedented ways. 

Christopher Wray allowed it to happen on his watch. But it was a corrupt culture that had been instilled in the bureau for some time.

It turns out it was illegal, and our government's continual weaponizing against us rolls on.

Fixing a big problem requires someone who will smile in the face of cannon fire and spit out cannon balls like bbs. But we must get it fixed.

Now that the American equivalent of a nationwide S.S. or KGB sting has been exposed, every lawmaker's phone on capitol hill needs to be lit up this next week.

President Trump famously said in his run for re-election in 2020, "They are coming for me because I am fighting for you."

We now know he was correct.

Because the minute he left office, they illegally began coming for you every minute of every hour of every day.

The revelations within the Durham report are damning. They should be a wake-up call to people who still desire freedom. And as former national security official to multiple Presidents, KT McFarland, said on my show last week, "We now see clearly that the FBI interfered with our elections." And she should know McFarland has been harassed with warrantless searches. She documents the harassment in her book Revolution.

Hillary Clinton donor, supporter, and voter Alan Dershowitz appeared on my show the same day and confirmed that the evidence in Durham's report proves that the modern Democratic party is ruthlessly attempting to Get Trump. (The title of his most recent book. The longtime Harvard Law professor went on to bemoan the complete takeover of the Democratic party by these new corner-cutting Marxists who are more concerned with their grasp on power than seemingly anything else.

And he's right. The modern left has no use for rules or laws; they only crave power. 

So what do they do?

They create chaos. They manipulate reality. They gaslight any who speak up. And now they spy on you, search your data, and maybe even pay you a visit in person.

And no one except President Trump has offered to do anything about it.

This is sad because anybody running for the Presidency should make the first fulfillment of their Oath of Office—to protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Sadly instead, we now say, "Welcome to Amerika. Land of the not-so-free. And the home of the endless warrantless search."



Czar Nicholas II and Joe Biden

By Mark Lewis |

Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

“What will happen to me and all of Russia?  I’m not prepared to be a Czar, I never wanted to become one, I know nothing of the business of ruling.  I don’t know how to carry out the duties.” (Nicholas II, when he became Russian Czar, 10/19/1894)

Czar Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia, by nearly all accounts, was a decent fellow who had absolutely no business ruling an outhouse, much less the largest country in the world. He did as much as anyone, including Vladimir Lenin, to bring about the destruction of his family dynasty and ensure the communist takeover of Russia.

As one historian wrote, “At a time when Russia needed wise and imaginative leadership, it was landed with a ruler totally unequipped for the role” (“Lenin,” Victor Sebestyen).  Sebestyen continues (and almost no historian disagrees):  “It is no exaggeration to say that every major decision Nicholas II took was wrong, from the choice of his his disastrous decisions on war and peace.”  

Nicholas never gave a single thought to the law of unintended consequences, that is, what results his decisions might produce.  He simply did not possess the knowledge, wisdom, or foresight a leader needed.  Thus, 1917 and the Marxist-Leninist communist revolution. 

Please re-read Sebestyen’s quotes above, but instead of “Russia” and “Nicholas,” insert the words “America” and “Joe Biden.”  Allowing for historical circumstance and terminology, the changes would be entirely justified.  This is an increasingly dangerous world we live in, and matters in America are also progressively stressful.

Joe Biden is a man cognitively challenged, with no wisdom, morality, or foresight, and totally devoid of imaginative, creative thought.  He does what he is told by his Leftist masters, and, since Leftism as an ideology is destructive in all its facets, we see that nearly every decision Biden has made as President has been harmful to his country

Nicholas II certainly didn’t intend to destroy the Romanov dynasty and usher in the brutal, murderous communist regime.  The destruction of his country was the farthest thing from his mind.  Even if Biden were just as naive in his motivations, the consequences of his policies will be the same for America if not strongly resisted and rapidly amended.  There isn’t much time left before his failures are irrevocably entrenched.  

In one sense, America is in much more dire straits than Russia in 1917.  When Lenin began his revolution, he had nowhere near half of Russia behind him.  This has led historian Richard Pipes to argue that the Russian Revolution was basically a “top-down” revolution, led by a very small cadre of thugs who took advantage of the incredible incompetence of the opposition to foist a coup d’├ętat upon the nation. 

Lenin eventually, by winning a civil war, consolidated his hold on power.  There is much truth in Pipes’s analysis.  But that doesn't mean everything was hunky-dory in Russia at the time.  World War I was becoming a disaster and there was significant discontent around the land.  The sheep, as always, needed a shepherd and Lenin played the role.  But it was arduous because again, in 1917, he had very little support among the people of Russia.

We've already lost half of America.  The Democrats might, like Hitler, be able to take power legally, or it may require more violent means.  But total power is undoubtedly their goal, and they don't care how they obtain it, or how many dead bodies they must climb to reach the pinnacle. 

Most Russians didn't know what Lenin was doing, or what he had in store for them, until it was much too late.  

No two revolutions are exactly the same, of course, but there are some similarities in all of them.  The common people in Russia, Germany, and China were unaware what they were getting when Lenin, Hitler, and Mao took over.  Even though all three had written extensively explaining their aims, the masses didn’t read their words or believe them if they did.  So, most people didn’t know—until, as noted, it was too late.  

We face the exact same situation in America today.  Most Americans have no idea what the Democratic Party/Marxist Left have planned if they ever gain total power.  In this case, however, America has no excuse.  

If we knew history, we would understand; all we need to do is look at Lenin, Hitler, Mao, et al.  But our people are abysmally ignorant of history, and unless we educate them rapidly, the consequences, unintended by those Americans who vote for Democrats, will descend upon us catastrophically.  Causes have effects, actions have consequences, and thus education becomes an incredibly high priority.

The Democrats are training multitudes of people to hate the country, and thus that coalition will have no qualms about revolutionizing America.  

The millions Biden has let into the country illegally will discover America isn’t what they thought it would be. Their poverty will lead to disenchantment which, as in Nicholas II’s Russia, provides a ready-made mob to accept a revolution, that is, anybody promising them a better life.  Which is exactly what the Democrats hypocritically assure.  

The masses won’t like the results, but again, once the Leftists are in power and especially control the military, it will be over and done with.  “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun,” Mao said.  Make sure nobody else, or only your friends, have them.

1917.  Nicholas abdicated his throne and soon Lenin took over.  1918.  Nicholas, his wife, and his five children, were brutally murdered by the communists.  

Decisions have consequences, and disastrous decisions, regardless of how nobly undertaken, will still have disastrous consequences.  Revolutions have a way of eating those who, inadvertently or not, helped bring them on.  People who vote for Democrats will find that out, too.