Monday, May 01, 2023

Over 90% of Democrats and Republicans Blame the Federal Government for the Border Crisis

 By Sarah Arnold |

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

A recent poll found that nearly 90 percent of American voters blame the federal government for the ongoing border crisis. 

According to a Trafalgar Group for Convention of States Action poll, 91.4 percent of Republicans say the Biden Administration is at fault for the high surge of illegal migrants at the border. In comparison, 82.9 percent of Democrats and 84.5 percent of Independents agree that the government is responsible. 

President of Convention of States Action Mark Meckler said he has never seen a poll where the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is a few points. 

"I've never seen a poll like this — 87% of the American public blames the federal government for the problem at the border," Meckler said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "What was most interesting is you dig into ... the crosstabs — all the Democrats, breakdowns by age, party, race — what you saw was no difference within a few points across the board. "So it's almost 90% of people blame the federal government. And they expect that the states are going to have to fix it. They don't believe that the federal government will fix the problem."

Additionally, over half of the respondents— 53.4 percent— said they have little to no confidence the federal government is willing to or will be able to fix the ongoing issue at the border. 

The poll comes as Chicago announced it is facing a humanitarian crisis amid a renewed surge of illegal migrants flooding the city. 

Chicago city officials said they would soon have to spend $53 million from the city's budget surplus to care for the nearly 81,000 migrants who have already made their way to Chicago. 

The city is preparing for even more illegal migrants to arrive once Title 42 ends on May 11. Officials said it would cost Chicago $124.8 million to care for the migrants between January and June, leaving Chicago financial officials no choice but to ask the City Council to earmark an additional $53 million from the city's surplus to cover the costs. 



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