Thursday, September 28, 2023

Don't Look Now, but a Rebellious NYC Borough Is Winning the Fight Against Biden's Illegal Hordes


AP Photo/John Minchillo

Everyone knows the Biden administration’s suicidal immigration policy — which basically boils down to “let ‘er rip” — is unsustainable and is destroying the country. But with its iron-fisted enforcement of far-left speech and social codes, Big Left has so far kept the lid on the simmering resentment.

Even in the Big Blue Apple, Mayor Eric Adams is all-in on facilitating the transplantation of the entire Third World into his city. His greatest act of resistance has been to whine about how the federal government needs to send him more taxpayer money to supplement the $12 billion (!) of New Yorkers’ taxpayer dollars he’s spending on the aliens.

But the situation has become highly unstable — in New York and across the country — and sooner or later, genuine resistance will erupt on a large scale. One borough in dark-blue New York City, Staten Island, has been speaking up loud and clear. And on Tuesday, the resistance scored a resounding court victory.

The battle flared up over the summer when Adams decided he would move hundreds of Biden’s asylum-scammer army into a shuttered Catholic school — which he had previously promised the city would reopen as a new school — in the low-density, residential Arrochar neighborhood. But Staten Island is perhaps the reddest of NYC’s blue boroughs, and the residents rose up against the plan.

Large protests filled the streets around the shelter day after day, and the pressure intensified. “Ten people were arrested and one police officer was slightly injured during a protest in Staten Island… against the arrival of a bus full of migrants at a local shelter,” reported PJ Media’s Rick Moran a week ago.

Staten Island’s Nicole Malliotakis, a rare Republican U.S. rep from NYC, described the outrage her constituents were feeling: “We have [legal] immigrants from all over the world in my district, and the immigrant communities are the ones who are most upset. Why? Because they sacrificed greatly. They followed the rules. They waited their turn. They did everything right, and now they see a group of people coming into the community, taking taxpayer resources away,” she fumed on Fox5 NY’s “Good Day New York” Wednesday morning. “This was a school that was supposed to have 1,000 seats [for] our overcrowded system, and it’s been taken away from the community. Our national parks now are being taken away from our community. I had an assisted living facility where… a 95-year-old veteran this week, who, he and seniors were removed from that facility. And then the organization, Homes for the Homeless, that ran it turned around and cut a deal with the mayor to turn it into a migrant shelter.”

Adams’s suicidal migrants-first policy is the result of his absurd interpretation of New York state’s “right to shelter” policy. Most people understand that the policy, which arose from a 1981 court ruling, was intended to assist actual New Yorkers who were homeless as the city simultaneously struggled with the AIDS epidemic. But NYC Adams decided it actually applies to anyone from anywhere in the whole world who comes to his city and demands shelter. He also thinks it extends to cover food, transportation, clothes, schooling and social services for children, and on and on.

Malliotakis and other Staten Island Republicans sued the city, and on Tuesday, they won a massive victory. Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Wayne Ozzi ruled that the migrants must be removed from the school building.

The victory could even have fatal implications for Biden’s no-limits-on-immigration policy all across big, blue New York State:

This sort of successful rebellion is extremely dangerous to the globalist forces who are trying to bury America beneath an army of intruders. If other locales get wind of it, they’re going to start doing the same thing. After all, NYC isn’t the only place where residents are sick of being treated like a welcome mat for illegal aliens to wipe their feet on.

The win is also incredibly dangerous because it gives a huge morale boost to Americans everywhere who are sick of their government facilitating an invasion — and there’s a big election on the horizon.