Saturday, September 02, 2023

Video Footage Captures Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Walk Over Biden’s 'Closed' Border Daily

By Sarah Arnold |

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Despite the Biden Administration's claims that the U.S. Southern border is closed, video footage captured a massive group of migrants illegally crossing the country.

More than 100 illegal aliens crossed the Rio Grande north of Eagle Pass, Texas, to surrender to Border Patrol agents on Friday.

Breitbart Texas captured the scene on tape at roughly four a.m.

According to the footage, the groups are mainly comprised of families consisting of adult males and females with infants and toddlers in tow. 

Reports note that this has been almost a daily occurrence where illegal migrants approach a rallying point staffed by Border Patrol agents who then surrender to claim asylum.

"You can almost set your watch to it, around 5:00 am; we expect between 100 and 300 to show up at the same spot daily," an anonymous source said. "We just wait for them; they just keep coming." 

Once the migrants reach the rallying point, the Border Patrol agents separate the group based on nationality and family unit status and then take basic biographical information.

The source claims the illegal aliens bring children to avoid removal and gain access to a quick release into the U.S. to pursue asylum claims.

"They realize that we can only detain children and infants for so long before we release them to a non-government shelter; that's the first step to freedom in the United States," the source continued, adding that migrants have learned how to cheat the system by finding loopholes to avoid removal.

According to Customs Border and Protection data, the number of migrant families encountered has doubled in the past few months. In July, more than 60,000 illegal migrant family units were encountered nationwide, compared to 31,266 in June. 

In August, Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 180,000 migrants at the border— an increase from what it was in July. 

However, the Biden Administration insists the southern border is closed despite data proving otherwise.

"The U.S. border is not open to unlawful migration," Biden's Department of Homeland Security claimed.