Sunday, May 06, 2018

The Color of Thought

By Bill Chapman

When Donald Trump was busy running casinos, developing real estate, and starring in award winning reality television shows, no one, not a single person in the media ever accused him of being a racist. 

After several flirtations with the decision to run for the highest office in the land, in June of 2015 after a short ride down the escalator at Trump Tower, he made his decision public and put in motion a series of events that would turn history upside down. 

Enduring a brutal primary campaign against seemingly more qualified candidates, and eventually beating the “most qualified presidential candidate ever” in Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump inserted himself directly into the crosshairs of the race assassins who since day one of his presidency have made egregious and blatantly false allegations of him being a racist. 

They have conveniently forgotten the awards given to him by leaders in the black community for his charitable works. Men like Jesse Jackson in the past have commended Trump for his work to enhance and better the lives of persons of color.

They have overlooked the story of the squatter found in one of his buildings, complete with video evidence to substantiate the story. When threatened by building staff of being thrown out onto the street, the woman was shown mercy by none other than Donald Trump, and allowed to stay indefinitely. He also ensured that the woman receives food daily and fresh flowers weekly.

The race baiters have flown by at light speed the huge crowds of black conservatives who openly support the president. People like Allan West, Candace Owens, and Herman Cain have been denigrated and called horrible names by the progressive members of the black community and labeled as traitors or “Uncle Tom.”

The race baiters have ignored Trump appointments of persons of color to his administration like Ben Carson, Jerome Adams, and Naomi Earp.

The race baiters have ignored the words and actions of Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, who openly supports Donald Trump. If Alveda King got a single inkling of racism from the President of the United States, it would be highly unlikely and downright impossible for her to support him. But yet, there she is, standing with Trump.

Men like Shaun King, Tariq Nasheed, and Al Sharpton have made lucrative livings decrying the racism of Donald Trump. Everyday there is a new column, television appearance, or radio interview saying that the black man is being held down and that the black man is a victim. 

A victim of tax cuts? A victim of trade policies that are opening up more job opportunities for blacks than ever in history?  A victim of the lowest recorded employment numbers for blacks in history?  

Racism has transformed from a psychological defect in the minds of men into a multi-billion dollar business.

The race baiters do not want racism to go away. They feed on it. They need it. What else would they talk about if all people got along regardless of their skin color? What would they have to talk about? What books would they sell? The fact is, for the race baiters, as long as racism pays, it stays.

That is the sad part.  To these race baiting talking heads, racism is a business. They have no real interest in advancing the ideas of Dr. King, that men would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Much like with something like cancer, there is no money in cures, only money in treatment. If somehow racism was eliminated from human consciousness, many of these race baiters would be out of a job, and have nothing of substance to contribute to society.  

In converse, black women like Diamond and Silk, who have over a million people who follow them on social media, have been excoriated for their open support of Donald Trump. These two incredible ladies have delivered a message that supporting Trump is not a matter of skin color. 

It is a matter of prosperity for all people. Diamond and Silk have been censored by Facebook and Twitter and deemed “dangerous.” What is dangerous about their message? Is it dangerous for black people to be conservatives? The only danger is the Democratic Party losing votes. For good.

Fast forward to current day. Kanye West and Chance the Rapper have recently set the Twittersphere on fire. Openly bucking the system, a system which demands black people stay on the Democratic Party’s plantation, these two guys have taken a stand. As expected, their words and thoughts have been attacked and demeaned as traitorous to the black community. Why?

Photo: Chance the Rapper 

Because they are prominent entertainers who happen to be black and have seen the light? The Democratic Party has taken the support of persons of color for granted for the last sixty years. 

Since the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, the Democratic Party has pushed for programs and political schemes that have done nothing of substance to advance persons of color. Welfare, affirmative action, the NAACP, none of these things have panned out as planned and the gig is up.

Persons of color are waking up to the message of the Trump. 

Chance stated openly that black people do not have to be Democrats.

That statement is antithetical to the message pushed by the Democratic National Committee that they are the party of the black community. What have they done for blacks? In a word, nothing.

Kanye and Chance are the first of many that will eventually trickle out and stand tall with independent thought that shatters the narrative that blacks must support democratic progressive policies. 

The world is witnessing a historic shift in the paradigms of the past. No longer accepted is the premise that blacks must be Democrats.

The backlash against these two men is futile. 

The toothpaste is out of the tube. The criticism levied by other entertainers will only embolden these men and others that choose to speak their minds. 

It is a beautiful thing to watch. 

The decline of progressive mind control over the black voter has begun. 

It will not stop until the pillars of liberalism are piles of dust that will be blown away by the winds of prosperity and freedom