Friday, June 01, 2018

The Trump Economy Boom: Unemployment Drops to 18-year low 3.8%; Black Unemployment the lowest in recorded history!

“I’m fighting for you.”

-      Donald J. Trump

Here are the great economic statistics:

223,000 new jobs

3.8% unemployment rate (18-year low)

2.7% increase in average hourly earnings

The May jobs numbers are so strong that even The New York Times is declaring

Historic News: The Washington Post’s Philip Bump writes: “The black unemployment rate has never been closer to the white unemployment rate.”

And the unemployment rate among black Americans is the lowest in recorded history.

Bottom Line: The economy is booming, and it’s been fueled by the pro-growth policies of the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi still lack a positive unifying message – and, once again – they’re trying to spin this economic progress as a negative.

In 5 short months, voters will go to the polls and support the party that’s delivering on its promises, not the party of doom and gloom whose sole mission is to resist at every turn.

Complied by the Republican National Committee