Thursday, August 01, 2019

These People Are Crazy

By Derek Hunter |

 Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Liberals are insane. That’s not news, at least to anyone who watched even clips from the Democratic debates this week. They promised a unicorn that poops gold while paying for your health care and college, giving you a high-paying job and foot rubs at will. If you completely ignore the reality of the hell on earth their socialistic policies would create, it sounded wonderful.

But you can’t ignore reality with these people. Any of them. It’s reality they want to “fundamentally transform.” To do that they’re not only willing destroy what exists now, they have to destroy it.

Leftists are very open about this. They want to “tear down” the system – health care, capitalism, etc., you name it. By “tear down” they mean decimate. Most people like their health care and support capitalism, and the country, so they’re unlikely to willingly allow its “transformation” to something else.

But Democrats aren’t interested in what people want. They’re only interested in what they want to force people to do. The party of people who chants, “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE,” has no actual interest in democracy. You need only look at the lawsuits filed every time they lose a statewide referendum to see that.

So even though taking money from American citizens to pay for the health care of illegal aliens while simultaneously decriminalizing illegally entering the country is less desirable than Jeffrey Epstein crashing your daughter’s sweet 16 party, Democrats are promising to plow ahead with it anyway. Before the system collapsed and the country went broke, the world’s sick would beat a path not only to the southern border, but to every airport in the country. Mick Jaggar didn’t return the UK for his heart surgery, he had it done in New York.

The late King Hussein of Jordan sought treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at the Mayo Clinic, not from the best doctors in the country he ran or anywhere else in the world.

These aren’t accidents or coincidences. People with means from all over the world vote for the best health care in the world with their bodies, and those bodies flee their “free” government-run horrors. Why would anyone in this country get behind the idea of screwing that up?

They wouldn’t, willingly. So you get sad stories of people going through hell, like the one Elizabeth Warren told Tuesday night about the guy with ALS and crushing medical bills. As sad as the story is, it is the rare exception, not the rule. Yet, Warren wants to uproot the entire system for the exception rather than simply address these rarities.

Warren has a fairly large fundraising email list for her campaign and has raised tens of millions of dollars. She could ask them to help that man and his family, likely paying off his bills pretty easily, but she didn’t. That would be a private solution to a rare problem, and she has no interest in private solutions. She’d rather his family suffer and use him as a prop for the cause.

This is just one example of the crazy, there were so many. The only thing that didn’t fall out of the clown car on that stage in Detroit was any ideas that advanced the cause of liberty or paid even passive respect to the Constitutional limitations on the federal government.

I’d say it was shocking, but it’s not. I kept waiting for one of them to promise to increase the amount of money the Tooth Fairy gives. 

If any of these people win, we’re screwed. 

Yet these are the people who are running on the idea that we have a “moral” imperative to implement their agenda. Mayor Pete attacked Christian Senators for not supporting a minimum wage hike, for crying out loud. The party that lectured my entire life about how “you can’t legislate morality” are now demanding we all buy electric cars and pay for abortions on demand because it’s the moral thing to do. 

I’m gonna take a hard pass on that. 

But one of these people will be the nominee of the Democratic Party and stand a chance of being elected President of the United States next year. That’s not only crazy, it’s scary as hell. 

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