Thursday, March 12, 2020

How to Avoid the Coronavirus

BY Reagan McCarthy | Townhall.Com

 Source: Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

It is no secret that the Coronavirus epidemic has been amplified by mainstream media outlets, and Democrats on Capitol Hill have despicably used Coronavirus to fault President Trump. Of course, reasonable fear and caution are necessary during a medical pandemic. Irrational panic will do little to alleviate the epidemic, though. 

Mainstream media will always find an avenue to criticize President Trump. In this case, the president even received criticism for calling the pandemic the “Wuhan virus:”

The faux outrage from the media, coupled with fear mongering rhetoric, is counterproductive to fighting Coronavirus. The American economy also feels the effects of panic, as we have seen this week. The Trump Administration and legislators on Capitol Hill are doing their part to properly handle the epidemic; Leader McConnell canceled the Senate’s recess in order to work with Democrats on a Coronavirus package.

The most important factor is, once again, to not subscribe to the outrage. Take precautions and monitor your health. Work remotely if possible, and practice social hibernation. If you do experience symptoms, seek medical attention and notify your colleagues, family and friends. 

This all may seem like basic, common-sense advice but the mainstream media, the largest contributor to the unmitigated outrage surrounding the Wuhan virus epidemic, seems to be in need of a refresher on crisis management.