Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Hostile White House Press Corps

By Clarence McKee

President Donald Trump calls on a member of the press during a daily briefing. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I asked my friend Bryan: "What did you think of the president's news conference on the virus?"

"I turned it off" he said.

"Why? I asked in surprise.

"Those reporters make my blood boil," he responded in obvious anger his voice rising.

"They are a disgrace! Most of them don't really care about me or my family. All they want to do is use the virus to slam the president with 'gotcha' questions and drive a wedge between him and his health advisers to get headlines — no matter what he is doing to combat the pandemic." 

Bryan reflects the opinion of many Americans regarding the media's coverage of the COVID-19 virus as I recently stated in this space.
What is wrong with today's media, and what are they doing to deserve such little respect?

Just watch how they perform during the daily press briefings.

It is clear from their conduct that many in the White House press corps would be good public relations agents for the Democrat party — as are many of their organizations!

Many appear to be too young to have had real lifetime experiences and merit such prestigious positions. Yet, they are all too ready to besmirch their privileged positions by being arrogant, combative, hostile and grandstanding practitioners of the "gotcha" politics Bryan referred to.

Whatever happened to journalists like David Brinkley of ABC News, Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace of CBS News and Tim Russert of NBC News whom viewers could trust for truth and objective journalism?

While press corps reporters are hostile in their questions to the president, their colleagues have their own bias — have been rather reluctant to criticize China for expelling members of their profession from the country.

Today's media seems to be uninterested in how the communist regime in China mismanaged the containment of a virus that is killing thousands around the world — and here in their own country.

While many in the media accused the president of racism when he banned travel from China, they have asked very little about whether the virus actually started in a market in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan.

If Barack Obama had imposed a travel ban on China, in a similar situation, the media would have applauded him for being "pro-active and protecting the country!"

Shouldn't it be the American media and media around the world ferreting out where this plague began?

Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal stepped up to the plate and told America how the World Health Organization  (WHO) in a January 14 tweet said that Chinese authorities had found "no clear evidence of human to human transmission" of the virus.

The WHO is apparently a puppet of the Chinese government which many in the major media, except for the WSJ, for some reason, failed to address.

Americans are not as dumb as the major media thinks and can see right through its politicized charade on news coverage — especially by the White House Press Corps!

Next, the media and their friends in the Democrat party will not only accuse the president of racism for criticizing the WHO, whose Director-General is an Ethiopian; but, most likely will blame him for the disproportionate number of blacks who are victims of the virus.

Media bias and hypocrisy never seems to end!

Clarence V. McKee is president of McKee Communications, Inc., a government, political, and media relations consulting firm in Florida. He held several positions in the Reagan administration as well as in the Reagan presidential campaigns. He is a former co-owner of WTVT-TV in Tampa and former president of the Florida Association of Broadcasters. Read more of his reports — Go Here Now.