Friday, July 14, 2023

And Just Like That, It's No Longer an Insurrection


Twitter / Darren Beattie

And just like that, the January 6 insurrection is no more. And the deconstruction story is really something. At the center of this narrative switcheroo is non-other than Ray Epps.

Before we get to that, let’s remember how we got here. It took only moments for the Democrat media complex to anoint the January 6 breach and riot at the U.S. Capitol Building an “insurrection.” As if beckoned by an unseen force, narrative builders dutifully lined up to receive the official wafer on their tongues, and voilĂ ! “Trump supporters” who had never committed an act of violence at years of peaceful and crowded rallies were eligible for a 20-year prison stretch.

Shortly thereafter, the insurrection became a deadly insurrection when the same media reported, wrongly, that police officers were killed by rioters on January 6.

The only ones who died on January 6 were killed by police.

Awful it was, but insurrection? No.

Now, however, insurrection is just passĂ©.

And you can thank Ray Epps.

The story of Epps is one of the most curious from hundreds of stories about the January 6 event that we were assured was the deadliest insurrection ever, ever. The Capitol incursion, as some call it, was worse than the Civil War, worse than the Revolution, worse than any riot, and more destructive than the torching and looting of federal courthouses or police stations. Indeed, it was so much worse than spraying cops with CS gas at riots, aiming lasers in their eyes to blind them, or trying to trap cops inside a burning building. Much, much worse.

This breach into the Capitol Building, or for another side of the building, being personally beckoned inside by cops, was much worse than setting fire to the president’s church. And much, much worse than beatdowns, terror campaigns, and street takeovers that Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been pulling off since at least 2016. Pulling down a Black Lives Matter banner in front of a D.C. church is worse in the eyes of the law than setting a church on fire. And don’t you forget it, Mister.

But now all of that has changed with Epps. Epps, as you undoubtedly have heard or seen, is the only January 6 participant seen on multiple videos urging people to go into the Capitol Building. Videos show he was at the barricades when he whispered into the ear of a man who then began to crash the barriers down. On January 5, he was recorded telling people to attack the Capitol the next day and the crowd started yelling, “Fed! Fed! Fed!” See my Adult in the Room Podcast interview below with Darren Beattie of Revolver News. He’s the one who broke the story of this very mysterious man.


But that’s not how the mainstream media sees Ray Epps. Indeed, Epps was a peacemaker that day, according to his attorney. Epps’ photo was once on the FBI’s list of people they sought for information for January 6, as I pointed out in a recent story. Then he was scrubbed from the list “after speaking with the FBI.”

Epps’ life has been turned upside down by all of the attention. Still, his life hasn’t been ripped apart as much as the J6 Gulag internees still awaiting trial or the others who have been convicted and now spend their days making little rocks out of big rocks. Indeed, Ray Epps is currently a free man. Other J6ers did much less than Epps did. His treatment is the exception, not the rule.

Epps was vetted by the J6 Committee and declared not to be a federal agent. Epps claims he has been so damaged by the speculation in the media that he’s suing Fox News and Tucker Carlson for defamation for reporting on him. That dog won’t — or shouldn’t — hunt, but Epps and his attorneys see deep pockets and a future payday from a settlement, seeing as how Fox was willing to settle a case brought by Dominion Voting Systems.

Incredibly, the mainstream media have picked Epps as their pet protester, writing fawning treatments of this misunderstood man. For some reason, Epps is the only Trump supporter and J6 attendee that they’re willing to support. It’s unclear why.

But with news of Epps’ lawsuits and the possibility that he really may face J6 charges, a story which, oddly, only surfaced with news of the lawsuit, the media have done an about-face on their pet protester and now refer to January 6 as “demonstrations,” “protests,” and Epps as a “protester,” “scapegoat,” and any notions that he could be a “Fed! Fed! Fed!” are dismissed as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Epps’ attorney is a former Perkins Coie lawfare lawyer who now hangs a shingle in Wilmington, Del. He was one of the attorneys who brought the lawsuit against Fox News for “defaming” Dominion Voting Systems.

MSNBC reports that the Epps conspiracy theory, “that he was an undercover FBI agent who ginned up the Jan. 6 Capitol attack — was fueled in part by the fact that he was at the Capitol that day but was never charged. However, according to Epps’ newly filed defamation lawsuit against Fox News, charges are coming.”

MSNBC’s choice of “FBI agent” is a curious one. For quite some time now, there’s been speculation that if Epps was indeed a “Fed! Fed! Fed!” he wasn’t an FBI asset but instead attached to another federal agency such as DHS.

At least here we’re consistent. If Ray Epps didn’t urge anyone to break into the Capitol Building and doesn’t deserve to be prosecuted, neither he nor anyone else fits his description. He didn’t go into the Capitol Building that day, the same as dozens or hundreds of others who now have a felony record. We just want to know why things were so inconsistent in Epps’ case.