Friday, May 31, 2024

America First Policy Institute Response to the Trump Kangaroo Court Conviction



Dear Friend,

Today marks a significant moment in our ongoing struggle for justice and fairness in our Nation. The outcome of President Trump's trial is a clear demonstration of the dangerous path our justice system has taken.

Despite the absence of any substantive evidence of an actual crime, the weaponization of the justice system during this trial is evident. Fueled by a District Attorney with clear political motives and a Judge with significant conflicts of interest, this verdict disregards basic principles of justice. Americans have had enough of these political witch hunts; they want a president who will deal with the high cost of gas and groceries, secure the southern border, and tackle out-of-control crime to make our neighborhoods safer. They want a return to America First policies because they work.

Americans have had enough of these political witch hunts. They want leadership that focuses on tangible issues affecting their daily lives, not on partisan attacks. The verdict against President Trump is not just an attack on one individual but a threat to the fundamental fairness that should underpin our legal system.

To truly understand the depth and impact of this weaponization of our government, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive analysis on this issue.

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Together, we can stand against these injustices and work towards restoring a government that truly serves its people, not political interests.

America First, Always