Friday, May 10, 2024

Biden's New Low

By Guy Benson |

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Consider the timeline: On May 5th, Axios reported that the Biden administration was withholding a shipment of ammunition to Israel, in an effort to pressure the Israelis not to eliminate Hamas' final stronghold in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.  For a few days, the administration refused to comment about this report.  On May 7th, President Biden delivered a speech condemning anti-Semitism at the national Holocaust Museum, aligning with Holocaust Remembrance Day.  During that speech, he described his support for Israel as "ironclad."  

Immediately following that address, administration officials began confirming the 'paused ammunition' report, affirmations that were reportedly delayed until after Biden's remarks.  Having played to one side of the Hamas-started war in Gaza, by repudiating anti-Semitism and offering pro-Israel rhetoric, the Biden team instantly pivoted to once again pandering to the other side of the conflict.  The pro-Hamas side, for clarity.  By Wednesday night, the president himself not only took personal ownership of this delay, he also escalated.  Genuinely shocking and indefensible.

Biden and company will insist this is about bringing about "peace," rooted in "humanitarian concerns" regarding civilian casualties.  It's not.  It's about trying to placate the 'Genocide Joe' screamers within Islamist and hard-left voting blocs.  This is morally repulsive, and also astoundingly weak and pathetic.

This enfeebled man is so desperate to attract these people's votes that he's willing to debase himself by accepting the premise of a despicable smear against him.  If this man had any moral clarity of self-respect, he'd forcefully reject the slander about an Israeli "genocide," in which the pro-Hamas mob insists he is complicit.  He'd defend himself and our ally.  He'd focus the conversation immediately upon the genocidal actions and statements of Hamas (who deliberately embed their terror operations among civilians), including Hamas' attacks and raids on sources of aid for the civilians of Gaza.  

Instead, Biden responded to the appalling 'Genocide Joe' moniker with a shrug and an 'I hear ya.'  He is prostrating himself before these hateful hordes, begging for their votes.  If he actually cared about civilian lives, he'd exert maximum pressure on Hamas and its enablers, including the Qatari regime.  He'd show no public daylight with Israel, strengthening our allies' hand as they try to negotiate a ceasefire that might guarantee the release of Hamas-held hostages, including the Americans Biden rarely mentions.  He'd expedite, not hold back, precision munitions that would help the Israelis mitigate collateral damage in their defensive war to root out the savages who murdered their people.  Instead, incoherence.

These decisions can only be explained through the prism of domestic coalition politics, which is a scandal and a disgrace.  And somehow, it's even worse than that.

Beneath contempt.  The president is a disgrace.  I'll leave you with this:


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Jonah Goldberg @JonahDispatch

Fwiw. I’ve heard from a LOT of reliably anti-Trump people - I mean really, really, anti-Trump people - who have had it with Biden tonight. Anecdotal, to be sure. But very telling in my circle.