Sunday, May 05, 2024

Gee, Thanks Kammy! Kamala Harris Just SANK the One Issue Dems Thought They Could Win With in November

By Sam J. |

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

We get what Kamala Harris was trying to do here with abortion but all she really did was admit Democrats have done nothing to secure Roe for 50 years, and they're STILL just promising they will do something so they can use abortion to campaign.

When will Democrat voters wake up? They could have easily passed legislation multiple times over securing Roe; heck, Obama himself campaigned on doing just that. But even when he had the majority to make it happen, he switched gears and decided destroying our healthcare made more sense.

Biden could have secured Roe when he first came into office ... he did not.

Thanks for reminding everyone Democrats talk the talk but never walk the walk, Kammy. Truly.


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Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris

Donald Trump was the president who took away the protections of Roe. 

@JoeBiden will be the president who puts the protections of Roe back in place.




Why wait?



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John Hawkins @johnhawkinsrwn

Isn't he the President now? If there are some "protections" he wants to put in place for people murdering babies, why isn't he doing it?


Right? What are they waiting for? OH, that's right. They need this issue to run on for November because it's all they've got.

Way to go, Kamala.


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𝗥𝗢𝗗𝗥𝗜𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗭 @rodriQuez

FWIW: In 1982, Joe Biden voted in support of an amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to choose their own policies on abortion.



Cheers indeed.

Oh, and it wasn't Trump. Yeah yeah, they know if they say this nonsense enough the idiots who keep voting for them will forget SCOTUS did it but still.


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Sebastian Noto 🇺🇲🇮🇹 @AtlasAZ22

Is that all you have to campaign on... sad


It is and yes, it's sad.

How anyone can vote for a Democrat in 2024 is beyond this editor.