Friday, April 08, 2016

Bill Clinton Attacks "Black Lives Matter" Protestors With A Vengeance

By Frances Rice

An unhinged Bill Clinton went ballistic at a campaign event and verbally attacked blacks protesting against his 1994 crime law that decimated black America and Hillary supported.

Protestors were also upset about Hillary's bigotry displayed in 1996 when she said: "They are often the kinds of kids that are called 'super-predators.'  No conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel."
See the article “Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote” by Michelle Alexander.


At a ritzy fundraiser in New York, a black woman protestor confronted Hillary and demanded an apology, but Hillary refused and had the protestor thrown out. See "Activist Protests Clinton at Fundraiser, Asks for Apology on Mass Incarceration."

Notably, even the mainstream media assailed Bill Clinton over the unbridled anger he unleashed on the “Black Lives Matter” protestors.  Below is a list of some of the articles.

Think Progress Headline: “Bill Clinton Goes Off Script On 1994 Crime Bill” (Think Progress, 4/7/16)

Jezebel Headline: “Hillary Clinton Should Stop Letting This Rambling Old Man Speak For Her” (Jezebel, 4/7/16)

New York Magazine Headline: “Bill Clinton Accuses Black Lives Matter Protesters Of Defending Murderous Drug Dealers” (New York Magazine, 4/7/16)

Politico Headline: “Bill Clinton Spars Angrily With Protesters Over Crime, Welfare Bill Legacies” (Politico, 4/7/16)

Slate Headline: “Watch Bill Clinton Tell Black Lives Matter Protesters They’re Defending Drug Sales And Murder” (Slate, 4/7/16)

Mic Headline: “Bill Clinton Says Black Lives Matter Activists Are Defending Murderers” (Mic, 4/7/16)

The Washington Post Headline: “Bill Clinton Gets Heated With Black Lives Matter Protesters Over His Crime Bill” (The Washington Post, 4/7/16)

Gawker Headline: “Bill Clinton Will Tell You A Story About Another Place Where Black Lives Matter: Africa” (Gawker, 4/7/16)

Salon Headline: “Black Lives Matters Protesters Heckle Bill Clinton — And His Terrible Response Was Cringeworthy: ‘You Are Defending The People Who Killed The Lives You Say Matter’” (Salon, 4/7/16)

Vanity Fair Headline: “Watch Bill Clinton And Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash For 10 Straight Minutes” (Vanity Fair, 4/7/16)

Mediaite Headline: “Bill Clinton Battles Black Lives Matter Protesters In Philly: ‘They’re Afraid Of The Truth!’” (Mediaite, 4/7/16)

The Weekly Standard Headline: “Bill Clinton: 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Are Defending Murders And Drug Dealers” (The Weekly Standard, 4/7/16)

The Guardian Headline: “Protesters Put Bill Clinton On The Defense At Hillary Rally In Philadelphia” (The Guardian, 4/7/16)