Monday, April 11, 2016

Hillary's "Equal Pay Day" Hypocrisy

By Frances Rice

It is perfectly clear to anyone willing to accept reality. All Republicans support equal pay for equal work.

So, the April 12th “Equal Pay Day” is just another day for Hillary Clinton and her fellow liberal Democrat hypocrites to bellow about gender pay inequity and push, yet again, for a law that is misleadingly labeled “Paycheck Fairness Act.”
If wide-spread and blatant discrimination against women workers actually existed and such a law was desperately needed, why didn’t it get enacted while the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during President Barack Obama’s first two years in office?
The answer is simple. A “Paycheck Fairness Act” is not needed, since it is already illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender.
It has been against the law to pay a woman less than a man with comparable experience in the same job since the Equal Pay Act of 1963.
Hillary Clinton has a nasty habit of contradicting her pro-women words with her anti-women actions.
Hillary egregiously takes money for her foundation from foreign countries that don’t respect women’s rights.
Equally damning is Hillary’s own record of discriminating against women workers.
Hillary the Hypocrite paid women significantly less than men in her own Senate office during her tenure.  More specifically, data analysis demonstrates that Hillary only paid women staffers “72 cents for each dollar paid to men.”
An analysis of the Clinton Foundation's record reveals a Clinton culture of pay inequality. The analysis found that men in top positions make significantly more money annually than top women staffers.
Any and all vestiges of workplace discrimination need real solutions that focus on job creation and opportunity for women, not more regulations that cut flexibility and bonuses.