Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Trump Phenomena

Perspective: The Trump Phenomena, a Reluctant Convert

By William Michaels 

When Trump quite literally came crashing into the 2016 Election I, like many of you, thought the man dead on arrival.  I thought this man was crude, I thought him an arrogant ass, and I pegged him for the first to drop out of the race.
Yet here we are in April, and not only is he not out of the race, he is ahead. How in the world does a man like Trump flourish in the American political system where one gaffe is enough to not only lose a race, but a ruin a career?
Trust me; you know this to be true. This country is obsessed by scandal. No, let me rephrase that, the media is obsessed with scandal as they are opportunities to expand their profits.  They ruin careers over the most mundane events and rile up public outrage over little things.
I mean, Howard Dean was the leader of the Democratic Party, the frontrunner (at the time) in the 2004 Election, and one of the Democrat’s most popular people. Yet he does one cowboy “Yeehaw” during a moment of excitement and the man was RUINED! Where is Howard Dean now? Exactly, I have no earthly idea either.  I assume he still lives.
What about when Todd Akin made a really stupid comment about a woman’s body choosing not to get pregnant when raped?
Admittedly that was an incredibly stupid thing to say, but when you boil that situation down you have defined a man by a single sentence. He was a man of faith who believed all things in life are God’s Will. Therefore, a rape-victim, from his perspective, would be saved by the Grace of God from an unwanted pregnancy and if becoming pregnant occurs, it too is God’s Will and should not be rejected.
But ask anyone of the streets about Mr. Akin and you’ll hear how he’s a chauvinist pig, an apologist for rapists, and a Pro-Life Mongrel who wants to legislate a woman’s uterus.  That is a whole lot to take away from a single sentence.
Did Mr. Akin say those things?  Did he imply those things?  Did he convey his opinion in the way that he meant?  Then where did the above vitriol come from? From the Mass Media Organizations, of course.
If this is the modus operandi of the Media, than how does a guy like Trump survive and even flourish where he has offered more than enough material for the media to grasp upon?
His first day on the trail was enough to destroy any other politician in America when he called illegal immigrants coming across the border as “rapists”. (By the way, a fun activity for the class: go back and watch that speech and replace the word “They” with the word “Some” and you’ll see how silly this semantics game has become in America’s media circus). But Trump still stands. Why?
For one, I believe the American people are sick and tired of the profit-driven scandal culture of the American media. They hear so much crap come off their screens, so much misdirection, and not to mention the wide spectrum of analysis towards political events depending on which way the media organization in question leans in ideology.
People just don’t listen to the media pundits when they tell people Trump is a racist. They instead are listening to him.
Another reason is because Trump has taken on the PC-Culture and there are a lot of people in this country who are sick of being oppressed by the PC police. Think about it?  How often do you stop and consider your words before proceeding? You have lost your freedom of speech in this country.
The liberals have their ideology, have declared their ideology morally superior, and have declared that any who does not agree with their ideology is a bigot of sorts. We the People are too afraid to speak our true feelings out of fear of a public backlash somewhere along the way.
These same people see a man standing up to that and taking his licks like a martyr for Free Speech. And people love him for it. You can see it in the way people have been acting lately. They are losing that fear of being labeled offensive for speaking their true feelings.
A third reason is that Trump is saying what people have wanted to say but have been too afraid, as per my above paragraph, of the PC-culture. The majority of Americans have issues with a porous border where people come across at will, whether for good or evil, instead of going through the immigration process. Somehow, according to liberals, that is offensive and racist.
Incredible, isn’t it? Being told you are a racist because you disagree with an unsecure border is like being called a genophobe because you disdain rape. It’s a ridiculous argument but yet it’s perpetuated and enforced by the PC police.
Trump has made that stand on behalf of people who feel they don’t have the voice to speak their true feelings on the matter.
Trump is truly a phenomena.  He has upended our accepted ideas on politics and electoral process. He has made Free Speech a thing cherished again. He speaks his mind and does not apologize for it. He says the things people want to say, but can’t. He calls for things that the people would support, but won’t.
He is for the “Silent Majority” in this country who has been cowed by Soviet-style tactics of the liberal left. That is why the man can do the things he does and continue to win. Even if he loses this election, he has done something important. He has given you back the God given right to say what you want to say.