Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Message From Donald Trump - One Year Ago: The Start of A Movement

Dear Friend,
A year ago today, many of you joined me at Trump Tower in calling for real change in Washington, D.C. I am proud to say that with your support we are well on our way to Making America Great Again!  Since the moment I rode down the escalator on June 16th, 2015 and decided to run for president, my campaign has been filled with nothing but excitement, dedication, and passion to change our country for the better – and this is only the beginning of our movement!

Yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia we had thousands of loving supporters. Earlier in the campaign we had a record-setting rally in Mobile, Alabama with over 30,000 attendees who joined our movement to Make America Great Again. I am honored and proud to lead our fight to put America first. This past year, I have traveled this great country and met many incredible Americans at our rallies.

The Republican primary began with 17 experienced and talented candidates for president. Following the debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on September 16th, your overwhelming support showed that our campaign has the message that resonates with hard-working Americans and that the DC-centric way of thinking is no longer capable of leading our country.

My campaign has been one of honesty and substance. We have created much-needed dialogue around the important issues facing our country. You’ve seen my leadership in setting the agenda this whole political season on both sides of the aisle. If I weren't running for president we wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration. We wouldn’t be talking about the drugs pouring in and the bad trade deals costing American jobs. We wouldn’t have called the terrorist attack in Orlando for what it is - radical Islamic terrorism.

The support of many wonderful Americans like you led to resounding victories in the Republican primary race, in which we beat the rigged political system and biased media with landslide victories. Our success began on February 9th with an emphatic win in New Hampshire and reached a high point with our victory in South Carolina on February 20th. We continued our success in Florida on March 15th followed by my home state of New York on April 19th – both huge turning points in our campaign. We had some tough losses along the way but with your support, we were able to bounce back and sweep the Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island primaries on April 26th, along with other monumental wins throughout the primary season. The highlight was our win in Indiana on May 3rd - which made us the presumptive Republican nominee!

The strong vote of confidence that the American voters have placed in our message of Making America Great Again has buoyed us to many victories and is truly heartwarming. While I am thankful for the phenomenal success we have enjoyed in the past year, it is just the beginning! I could not be more thrilled to be your presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and to officially accept the GOP Nomination at the Convention in July. We must continue to strive towards beating Crooked Hillary in November and Making ALL of America Great Again!
Thank you again for your support.

Best Wishes,

Donald J. Trump