Monday, June 20, 2016


HILLARY’S LEGENDARY LIES: As lie after lie has been debunked, and her story has unraveled, Clinton still won't tell the truth about her reckless email setup.
From this morning’s briefing from RNC Research: Hillary Clinton has been lying to the American people from the very beginning of her email scandal, and as it rolls on, she continues to dig in and lie.
Clinton lied about any classified material being on her secret server, with the State Department upgrading over 2,000 emails as classified, including 22 deemed Top Secret.
Clinton claimed "everybody" knew she was using a private account, despite the State Department's rebuke that "no one had a full and complete" understanding of her secret email set up.
Clinton lied about the nature of the FBI investigation into her secret server, calling it an "inquiry" when, in fact, the FBI labeled the matter "criminal" in a court filing.
Clinton lied about properly turning over her emails in compliance with the Federal Records Act.
Clinton has claimed no one needed to sign off on her secret server, but the State Department Inspector General found that she, in fact, should have sought legal approval, a request career professionals would have denied.
Clinton insists that there "were no security breaches" of her secret server, but there is no conclusive evidence that her server wasn't breached, as it had inadequate safeguards and the State Department's Inspector General acknowledged the server's cybersecurity risks.
Despite Clinton repeatedly pledging to cooperate with investigators, Clinton and her aides refused to be interviewed by State Department Inspector General investigators.