Wednesday, October 04, 2023

How to Disrupt a Black Conservative Event With This 1 Weird Trick


(Screencap via YouTube.) 

A black conservative event at the University of Madison-Wisconsin on Saturday was interrupted by left-wing protesters who “exposed themselves and even masturbated on camera,” according to a News Talk 1130 report this week.

While at least one crybully merely shouted obscenities, conference speakers can be heard reacting with shock as one man “exposed himself on the event’s Zoom link and began masturbating before organizers could shut down the feed.”

Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to Late-Roman/Mid-Weimar America, where you can’t be a black conservative without lefties literally losing their pants over it.

UA-Madison’s “Black Conservatism: The Past, Present, and Future” was a hybrid live/video event featuring Woodson Center founder Bob Woodson. The 86-year-old civil rights activist is also the author of “Red, White, and Black: Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers,” and appeared at the conference via Zoom.

UW-Madison Law Professor Ryan Owens, who organized the event, said, “We brought together some of the foremost black conservatives in the country to discuss the past, present, and future of black conservatism. The speakers were fantastic. And the event went well until people hacked into the Zoom feed.”

That went about the way you might expect from campus crybullies. “One person spoke reprehensible things over the audio feed before we shut it down,” Owens told New Talk 1130. “At the same time, others used the chat feature to write horrible things.”

That’s when at least one “protestor” went Full Toobin and “exposed his genitals to the camera.”

Here’s the video. Don’t worry, you won’t see any of the naughty bits. You will, however, hear one rather white-sounding fellow say, “Shut up, you fa**ots,” in yet another of Left’s displays of tolerance and understanding.

“I take it this guy doesn’t agree with us,” Woodson replied with a chuckle.

Woodson has been active in civil rights for 60 years, so I’m assuming he’s seen it all. He certainly has after last weekend.

Everybody knows you never go Full Toobin, but that’s exactly what happened in Madison. In case you’re lucky enough to have forgotten, lefty political commenter Jeffery Toobin whipped it out and began masturbating during a Zoom call with his New Yorker magazine colleagues in 2020. Some said he simply forgot to turn off his video before he pleasured himself during a work call — he who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone… oh, never mind — but I had a different take. Knowing what I do about Toobin’s sordid personal life, I wrote that he was probably “using semipublic masturbation as some kind of perverted workplace powerplay.”

And that brings us right back to what happened at UA-Madison over the weekend, where the leaders of tomorrow are being groomed to express polite disagreement through the subtle and ancient art of masturbating on other people’s Zoom calls.

While I’m as shocked as anyone at the bad behavior, I can’t say I’m actually surprised by the news. A good friend of mine from high school, who was basically a communist, spent a semester at UW-Madison, and he fit right in. It was the autumn of 1987, President Ronald Reagan was wrapping up two terms of near-total success in expanding liberty on the economic front and in the Cold War. However, according to Dave and his new friends and professors at Madison, the country was already fascist.

These people looked back fondly at Jimmy Carter; I kid thee not.

When everything is fascist, any bad behavior is excusable by the Left. But Owens, to his credit, finished strong. He said that the inexcusable behavior “exposed a broader problem we face as [a] society,” and that “this kind of intolerance — and that’s exactly what it was — must stop.”

“When some people disagree with other people’s points of view, they seek to shut down their speech,” Owns said. “We need to cultivate a culture of free speech and an ability to be civil to each other.”

Or, you know, whip it out and masturbate at your political opponents as a way for lefties to fully expose themselves for what they truly are.