Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Obama's Racist Chickens Have Come Home to Roost


(Logan Police Department via AP)

Someone recently asked me who I thought was a worse president, Barack Obama or Gropey Joe Biden.

“Trick question,” I responded. “I’m pretty sure Obama is pulling Joe’s puppet strings. Except for that time Joe allegedly dropped a crab cake in his Depends while talking with the pope. Or when Brandon let go in front of Prince Charles’s wife. That was all Joe.”

That said, Obama was clearly more insidious. He is considered intelligent, but Joe is not. When Obama spoke people believed him. Even — or especially — when he said clearly vile things about rural white people clinging to their God and guns. Or about how slavery still affected black people 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation set them free?

OBAMA-RAMA! In a spectacular and historic example of presidential clownery, Obama once told Christians to get off their “high horse” regarding terrible things done in the name of religion and actually mentioned the Crusades, which was an 11th-century response to centuries of Muslim aggression. He then mention the Inquisition and slavery in the same sentence.

I have a personal belief that if one has to go back centuries for an example of misdoings, he has lost the debate. I apply the same rule to people who post a sepia-toned photograph of a dead black man hanging from a tree to “prove” systemic racism. The past, though frequently ugly, is gone and can’t be undone. We can only learn from it. Let’s stick with facts regarding today. As you’re about to see, Obama’s words are a joke, but they had the effect he wanted.

Marxism requires special ingredients that are easy to identify. The first ingredient is victimhood. Rich vs. poor, black vs. white. Anything will do as long as you can weaponize those who can be convinced to feel mistreated.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video about the deleterious effects of victimization. Replace the word “kulaks” with “middle-income people” and realize that you are the target of modern Marxism.


Obama, the most successful black man in the history of American politics, spent his two terms telling black people they were victims and that white people were responsible.

It’s been six years since Obama left the White House, and black people are worse off now than they’ve been in generations. President Trump’s policies led to the lowest black unemployment rate in history, yet the Marxists convinced black people he was somehow “racist.”

Rather than elevate black people, the far left has created a situation where black crime is legal and white people are racist if they notice. Shoplifting alone has gutted major cities, and most of the videos we see show black perps. Some localities have made it illegal to try to stop thieves. Businesses even fire employees for trying to stop criminals from stealing, to the point that the stores close and the workers lose their jobs.

Hundreds of businesses have left West Coast cities and taken their jobs with them. Once flourishing cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland are turning into ghost towns. Crime, drugs, and tent cities have taken over, as planned by the Marxists looking to enslave us all.

FACT-O-RAMA! Marxists need crime to cause chaos. Communism won’t be accepted if citizens are safe and prosperous. Once the Marxists take over, the criminals will wind up in jail or, worse, will be executed. Util then, Good Samaritans like Daniel Penny, who tried to stop a homeless black man from attacking a subway car full of people, will be persecuted.

Black people are continually victimized by Marxists. In San Francisco, locals want “justice” for a black man killed while fighting a security guard who tried to stop him from stealing. This is what happens when lefty politicians convince black people they are “victims” and then make crime an entitlement.

Black crime is now acceptable. What could go wrong?

The truly insidious move here is that someday a reckoning will occur. Whether a patriotic president wins or globalists take over our nation, criminals, many of them black, who enjoyed surfing the Democrat-created crime wave will likely end up in prison, never realizing they were pawns.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Here is a video of a man who set a car on fire and began openly urinating before he stabbed himself in the once-beautiful town of Seattle.

When black kids riot, Marxist politicians excuse the behavior by calling the chaos a “teen takeover.”

BLAST-O-RAMA! As of this writing, 2,572 people, most of them black, have been perforated in Chicago, and 523 of them gave up the ghost. 

Democrats allow and excuse criminal behavior. Chaos is essential to their final goal. Never mind the growing stack of dead black bodies

The Marxist politicians in our nation’s biggest cities pretend racism — not Marxist ideologies that allow black crime — is responsible for so many black men in jail. Prisons were emptied and cashless bail kept criminals on the streets. Police departments were defunded. The number of black people murdered soared, but Marxist politicians consider this collateral damage. They’ll sacrifice black lives to bring communism to the U.S.

PINKO-RAMA! Since 2020, commie-nonsense ideas, such as defunding the police, have cost more black lives in three years than the KKK killed in its entire 157-year existence. 

What Have We Learned?

We have learned that Obama was in a prime position to elevate black people — for eight years — but chose to sacrifice them for his greater cause: communism.

Whether the next president leads us back into a law-abiding country or Marxism, the criminals of today will end up in jail or dead. That’s the bolshie way.

Black Americans experienced their lowest level of unemployment in history under Donald Trump, only to have Joe Biden and his tatterdemalions knock them back into poverty and crime, yet Trump is somehow “racist.”

Even better, I’ll be labeled a racist for writing about how Democratic demagogues get black people killed and you’ll be called a bigot if you send this article to your pink-haired, non-binary transamabob-in-law.


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