Monday, October 30, 2023

This Too Shall Pass

Alan Joseph Bauer |

 AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

The antisemitic Left seems ascendant. The UN appears to be pro-Jihad. Even these terrible days will pass into something better.

There is a famous story about King Solomon, the wisest of all men. He asked a jeweler to fashion him a ring that would help him to keep his head straight at all times. The jeweler was overwhelmed by the task given him and did not know what to offer the king. With the deadline approaching, the jeweler made a gold ring engraved in Hebrew, “This too shall pass.” King Solomon was thrilled with the ring. When one finds himself in bad times, he must hold onto himself and remember that the storm will pass and a better day will arrive. When, on the other hand, a person finds himself on the top of the world, a word of caution—this too will pass, so prepare yourself for the day after.

If one watches or reads the news, it would seem that the world has gone mad. Israeli citizens were murdered, raped, and tortured in the most hideous ways possible. More videos and stories keep coming out, as do first-hand accounts of the human-looking animals who took part in the attack as well as those who were first on the scene. Just when one thinks that he has heard the worst, a new story comes out with gruesome pictures of something that one would have thought a human being could never do to another person. The depravity of the Hamas barbarians and their fellow jihadis in the Palestinian Authority, ISIS, Hizbollah, and Iran has been shown to the world, and the world wants to throw up. Even their brethren Arabs are embarrassed by their behavior. It has been said that Egypt and Saudi Arabia sent traditional funeral gowns in their aid packages allowed into the Gaza Strip. Hamas got the message: drop dead.

The event itself has been overwhelming here in Israel. Virtually every interview of someone involved in repelling the attack or in dealing with the aftermath cries during his or her interview. But the savages are the rock stars du jour on college campuses and on the streets of cities that were stupid enough to take in huge numbers of “refugees” and immigrants from countries that hate the West and its freedoms. Poland and Hungary were pilloried by the EU for not taking in more Muslim refugees; they said that their presence would damage their culture. Watching the jubilant support for the Hamas animals on college campuses all over the US and on the streets of major Western capitals, one realizes that these two countries that went through the double hell of the Nazis and the Communists had it right. The US and the UK would be better off with far fewer people who think that jihad is good and western values are bad.

If one thinks of certain periods in relatively recent human history, there were times when all seemed lost. Hearken back to late 1941 or early 1942. The Nazis and the Japanese controlled most of the globe. England was barely hanging on, and the Nazi flag flew from the French coast until nearly Moscow. Think of October, 1962. A U-2 plane had been shot down over Cuba. American forces were gathering in Florida and Soviet submarine captains had been approved to use nuclear-tipped torpedoes against US aircraft carriers. The world seemed on the verge of nuclear war. With much blood, treasure, and determination, the Nazis and Japan were crushed. Belligerent Kruschev blinked and the missiles were removed from Cuba, over loud complaints from Fidel Castro.

The jihadis and their supporters seem on top today. They can threaten to exterminate Jews here in Israel and they physically attack Jews on US campuses. They seem ascendant. But their time is coming soon. The Muslims who came to the US from failed countries will continue to fail in the US. Their left-leaning friends in the trans, gay, environmental, and other communities will finish their studies and go back to living in their parents’ basements. Israel finally has a free hand—at enormous price—to do the job right. The other day, they used for the first time in ages a fighter jet over the West Bank to blow up active terrorists hiding under a mosque. The gloves are off and the rules have changed. The Hamas losers, when captured, do what their friends in the West always do: act like the victim. Watch some of their interviews with Israeli security officials. They make it sound like the women they raped and killed threw themselves upon them. Losers they are and losers they will forever remain.

And two of the biggest losers are the UN and its head, Antonio Gueterres. He joins the long list of criminals and cranks like Nazi officer Kurt Waldheim and Kofi Annan, whose son made money off of the UN oil deals for Iraq. Gueterres made the standard statement that it was forbidden for Hamas to do what it did. Then of course, playing tennis with himself, he said that Israel could not keep bombing Gaza. Then he let the cat out of the bag. He said that well, Israel really should not be so surprised: after 56 years of suffering, of course the Gazans were going to explode and do something. Talk about blaming the victim! News Flash:  The Palestinian Arabs tried to wipe out Israel before 1967 as well.

It is interesting and depressing to see the behavior of the left. Some simply call for the annihilation of Israel. Others call for a cease fire. Okay, Israel has suffered 1,400 killed and 5,400 injured. Time out! And of course Gueterres and his fellow garbage lefties tell Israel to stop bombing Gaza. Hamas chose to kill civilians in the most brutal ways possible. Hamas also chose to set up shop in civilian areas. Israel has every right to destroy those who attacked her. Where they hang their shingle is their problem.

What Gueterres said about Israel deserving it is one of the biggest libels and fallacies of the failed war on terror. Many over-credentialed leaders concluded that poverty and misery were the drivers for terror. But Bin Laden was a multimillionaire, as are the heads of Hamas in Qatar, with their $500 million real estate portfolio. A woman who blew herself up in a Haifa restaurant during the intifada was a practicing lawyer. President Assad of Syria is a physician. The issues are religious and ideological. The heads of Hamas and other organizations happily keep their people miserable so as to have a pool of future terrorists. But the fight is one based on ideology. Even if one were to make Gaza into Singapore and give every resident a million dollars, they would still want to kill Jews and make Israel disappear. It’s not my imagination. A woman from Gaza whose son received special medical treatment in Tel Aviv at the height of the second intifada said proudly that she hopes he grows up to be a jihadi martyr.

We are going through a very challenging period. Good, truth, justice, love, and peace will reign in the future. Now is the time to fight the murderers and their supporters on the left. A victory is assured. As to our troubled times: that too shall pass.