Saturday, October 07, 2023

MUST SEE! New Anthem “FREEDOM” by Black and Latino Personalities Takes on Marxist Left and IS GOING VIRAL – AMAZING VIDEO!

 By Jim Hoft | Gateway Pundit

A new song released earlier today called ‘FREEDOM’ featuring the most influential and controversial voices of our generation is going viral!

“FREEDOM” was produced by Jimmy Levy Music and includes dozens of American black and latino activists and personalities.

From the Video: Amidst a firmament consumed by the oppressive grip of government overreach and tyrannical control, a man by the name of Jimmy Levy emerged, poised to make a difference. Fuelled by the holy spirit, he set out to bring together a group of gifted individuals. United by a common thread, they poured their souls into recording the timeless and evocative hymn of FREEDOM.

Executive Produced by Leila Centner, Cara and Curtis Leopardo

Produced by Eastern Films

Music by The Pushers

Inspired by Michelle Lubin Terris

Check out this video to see this OUTSTANDING LINEUP of popular personalities and leaders in the FREEDOM movement.