Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Trump and the Revenge Vote

 By John Nantz | Towhnall.com

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Yesterday, New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James began, in earnest, her political prosecution of former President Donald J. Trump. Jones is a loathsome political figure who cut a stout profile while rabidly stumping for Trump’s prosecution during her campaign for the prosecutorial seat she coveted and acquired. Throughout her campaign, James dog whistled about Trump’s illegitimacy as President, engaging in a brand of naughty thinking and speaking that Democrats regard as treasonous when applied to their drooling, vacant, staggering “President” — Joe Biden. 

James, a Democrat, is now New York’s chief law enforcement official, and has made a mockery of her office by setting out on a deranged, liberal crusade to tar and feather the leading national, constitutionalist political figure and 2024 presidential candidate — Donald J. Trump.  

The only fraud perpetrated in this kangaroo court prosecution of Trump is the fraud being executed by James on the American justice system and, by extension, on the American people. She’s set forward a preposterous legal theory, accusing Trump of inflating his assets to defraud banking partners. The matter before the court is de facto malicious, not a single bank has come forward to allege a single instance of fraudulent business dealings by Trump. 

Fortunately for James, she has a simp in her back pocket, the servile Arthur F. Engoron who has dusted off an arcane bit of New York State law, conveniently delivering the scales of justice into his liver spotted hands. This sham trial will be a bench trial, making the Democrat justice both judge and jury — how convenient for the party determined to eliminate, by any means necessary, the greatest single threat to their hegemony.   

The only real objective is to derail the Trump presidential campaign, thereby engaging in clear election interference. The prearranged verdict against Trump will surely be appealed and overturned.

I’ll save you the trouble of following the “trial.” Just envision a disgusting display of jurisprudential incest between a trysting AG James and Justice Engoron. Without an actual victim, i.e. defrauded banking partners, James will be reduced to grandstanding and theatrical puffery about Trump’s valuation of his extensive and unique property holdings — value judgements typically left to the market and to market experts.

Anyone with the intellectual acumen necessary for Zillow realizes Engoron’s valuation of Mar-a-Lago at 18 million is laughable. I think I’ll go with the real estate mogul’s estimation of 1.5 billion, rather than the liberal, Democrat judge with monastic pallor who has decided to beclown himself by engaging in this performative farce.  

One can only hope the wheels of justice will return on James during an efficient and long overdue disbarment proceeding.  

Americans are sick of Democrat lies and perversions of justice. And, though they seek to keep Trump off the campaign trail, their efforts only serve to make his political persecution a central and self-sustaining plank of his campaign. Democrats are literally sowing to the wind, and will likely reap a whirlwind of revenge voting in 2024. 

Aside from besetting Trump with sham legal battles, Democrats are engaging in acts of sheer stupidity sure to continue to inflame Trump’s base. Over the weekend, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), of New York’s 16th district, pulled a fire alarm in an obvious attempt to prevent Congress from completing a vote to continue the operations of the federal government. Bowman’s act, by any Democrat’s definition, amounts to an act of insurrection and constitutes Obstruction of an Official Proceeding as codified in 18 U.S.C 1512(c)(2). This federal crime carries a maximum sentence of twenty years. 

Clear pictures have surfaced of Bowman, with his hand inside a clearly identifiable fire alarm, proceeding to activate it. He’s literally been caught with his hand inside the cookie jar. Applying the same prosecutorial vigor DOJ has applied to January 6th defendants, Bowman should be summarily charged, incarcerated, and denied bail with January 6th defendants who currently occupy squalid cells in Washington, D.C.

The GOP is contributing mightily to the general feeling of disgust with last week’s second presidential debate resembling a Three Stooges slap happy routine. Here’s my analysis: Vivek Ramaswamy was the usual, petulant child. Ron DeSantis produced some good sound bites such as, “We’re gonna choose strength, not surrender when it comes to the CCP.” Nikki Haley was generally annoying but brutally dragged Vivek with, “Honestly, every time I hear you I feel a little bit dumber.” Bravo Nikki! Tim Scott impressed with his bold and accurate statement, “America is not a racist country.” Krispy Kreme Christy sweated profusely under the klieg lights, and sniped at Trump most of the evening. Everyone else faded into the background. 

Trump’s a genius for not participating in the GOP debates. He’s instinctively elevated himself above the fray and forced every other contender to acknowledge his primacy. As they squabble with each other for sound bites, Trump hovers above it all, larger than life, as the other candidates diminish themselves while battering their heads against his legend. 

Revenge is a poor motive. However, many Americans feel its impulse as we watch the left blatantly, flamboyantly lie, cheat, and steal in order to derail the Trump 2024 campaign. The desperation of the Democrats is palpable. What they don’t recognize are the manifold ways people are finding to support Trump in spite of concerns. The other Republican candidates don’t stand a chance against the unintended consequences of the Democrat character assassination machine. They’ve overplayed their hand, and have adorned the Trump mystique with a martyr’s nimbus.