Sunday, April 07, 2024

If Donald Trump Is So Bad, Why Do Democrats Have To Lie About Him?

By Derek Hunter |

AP Photo/Mike Roemer

Donald Trump is Hitler. I know it’s true because I saw it on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow said it. She wouldn’t lie, would she? Not only that, the President of the United States said it, and he wouldn’t lie, would he? Of course they would, it’s what they do. But more than the fact that they would is the fact that they have to. Democrats have soiled the sheets – taking the country from a booming economy to one where you can’t walk out of a grocery store for less than $80 is something so horrible you almost have to try to do it. You can’t run on that level of incompetence, so you have to try to convince people that the other guy is somehow worse. Since there is no unit of measure by which the economy under Donald Trump was worse than it is under Joe Biden, lying is absolutely required. 

And Democrats will lie about anything. The “very fine people” lie about Charlottesville was one of their first and, in spite of it being exposed as a complete and total load of Biden, the President repeats it every chance he gets. Maybe he’s too senile to know he’s lying, but his history of making things up suggests otherwise.

“Trump colluded with Russia” is another example. It’s weird how questioning election results is only a “crime” when a Republican does it, but pioneers in the field – Democrats dating back to 2000 – are heroes standing up for democracy. George W. Bush stole both 2000 and 2004, and he’s “not my President” is required for tenure at most universities, but questioning the legitimacy of Biden is a “threat to democracy.” The 2008 and 2012 elections were legit, but not 2016 because Russia, we’re told, spent a couple of thousand dollars on Facebook ads. In other words, the election was “stolen” for the cost of a “donation” to buy a private meeting with Hillary and Bill Clinton. 

The 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia was stolen too, because 50,000 duplicate names and names of dead people were removed from the voter rolls, according to conspiracy theorists. The funny thing is, the Democrat lost by almost 55,000 votes, so even if she would have received every single one of those “disenfranchised voters” who didn’t exist, she still would have lost by 5,000. But we aren’t dealing with people who engage in reality, we’re dealing with Democrats.

We’re dealing with people who take a 7-second clip of Donald Trump and lie about it, saying he’s calling all illegal aliens “animals,” when the whole quote shows clearly he’s referring to the man who beat an American woman to death to the point that he disfigured her skull. Officially, Democrats have lied about what Trump has said about the murderer of Laken Riley more times than Joe Biden has correctly said her name, which isn’t hard since the only time he’s ever attempted to say her name was a rehearsed moment in the State of the Union Address when he said “Lincoln Riley” twice while literally holding up a button that read “Laken Riley: Say Her Name.” 

Joe Biden is as bad of a person as he is a father and grandfather (especially to the granddaughter they acknowledged once in a statement and immediately returned to ignore and not even counting in their number of grandchildren), with a history of lying about anything that suits his needs at any given moment

You expect that from politicians; they’re politicians, after all. But you might expect a little more from the people who insist they “speak truth to power” in the media. You’d be wrong. 

The network that won’t run a Trump victory speech or press conference because “he might lie” will not question any of Joe Biden’s lies. The participate in them. Trans Harry Potter and his third wife on Morning Joe, who collectively have less integrity than a silicone sex doll (though, ironically, more silicone), parrot anything this administration says like someone is just off camera with a gun to the head of their children. Actually, they probably care more about Biden than they do their children, why else would they humiliate themselves so often and openly? 

If you watch MSNBC you will come away dumber, which is probably why it appeals to Joe Biden. They both present themselves as though they’re Jeopardy champions when the reality is they’re third-place finisher who wins no money on Wheel of Fortune. 

But the joke is on us – they’re getting paid and Biden is President. And if they have to lie to maintain that dynamic, so be it. 

Make no mistake, however, they do have to lie to maintain it. There is no unit of measure to show the country is better off under Biden than it was under Trump. Gas prices are up, food prices are up, wars are breaking out and expanding, the border is being flooded, and so on and so on. The best Democrats can do is compare the best numbers the Biden administration can cook up to the worst numbers of the Trump presidency, and even those, that were artificially low thanks to the pandemic, barely make their case.

That leaves Democrats with straight-up lies. You’d think you wouldn’t have to lie about an opponent who is singularly horrible in every respect, but they have to, which tells you something. 

On the other hand, all Republicans have to do is remind people of their electric bill, the last time they filled their car (or that Democrats are going to force them to buy a new, very expensive electric one soon), their rent, mortgage rates, war, everything…

Democrats have to lie, it’s all they have. But “You don’t know how good you’ve got it” is one hell of a mountain to climb in an election campaign. That’s why they’re coupling it with “The other side is Hitler,” even though, in addition to their mutual affinity for hatred of Jews, Hitler and the Nazis were progressive leftists too. 

That the truth is not helpful to Democrats tells you a lot. Actually, it tells you everything you need to know, and it’s exactly why they lie all the time, about everything.