Thursday, April 11, 2024

Want to Guess What the Media Missed Regarding This Officer-Involved Shooting in Chicago?

By Matt Vespa |

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The dishonesty from the media continues to sink to absurd levels. On March 21, Dexter Reed was shot and killed by Chicago police after he fired on officers. It’s all on video. Reed fired first, which led to police returning fire. One officer was shot and injured by Reed. The media either obsesses about the 96 fired shots or buries the crucial detail that Reed fired first. The incident was a routine traffic stop, where Reed was pulled over for reportedly not wearing a seatbelt. Credit to NBC 5 Chicago, who had an accurate headline for this story: “Police fire nearly 100 shots in 41 seconds after man shot officer during traffic stop.” 

As the group stopped Reed, multiple officers surrounded his vehicle and, according to several bodycam videos, asked him to roll his windows down repeatedly. Officers then shouted at Reed not to roll the windows up and to unlock his doors. 

As they shout, Reed can be heard saying "OK, I'm trying to," with officers continuing to pull on the door handle and shouting for him to unlock the doors, some backing away and raising their firearms. 

In the videos, gunfire is heard as officers then take cover and several gunshots are fired in a matter of seconds. One officer falls away from the scene, with video showing blood dripping from his arm. 

"When Mr. Reed did not comply with these commands, officers pointed their firearms at Mr. Reed and ultimately there was an exchange of gunfire which left Mr. Reed dead and an officer shot in the forearm," COPA said in a release. 

According to COPA, the "review of video footage and initial reports appears to confirm that Mr. Reed fired first, striking the officer and four officers returned fire." 

Yet, what we’ve got from a host of people, some of whom are the usual suspects in ginning up false narratives, is that the police murdered Mr. Reed. Some have wondered whether the media is trying to create another George Floyd situation for this election season. The evidence is clear: Reed shot first and paid for it. The officer who was shot is expected to make a full recovery.  

I don’t want to hear about what a great kid he was—Reed was a wannabe cop killer, and now he’s six feet under where he belongs.