Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Girl Who Hugged Trump In Atlanta Is a Treasure


AP Photo/Jason Allen

Oh, my, gosh - I just want to eat her UP.

Donald Trump walked into a Chik-Fil-A in Altlanta Wednesday to order some food (Karen said he'd been in town for a big fundraiser), and one of the most memorable campaign visits anywhere ever just exploded across the screens of the people who weren't so excited they forgot to film it.

The girls at the counter were all as giddy as 4th graders, and Trump was in his element.



Matt Wallace @MattWallace888

Donald Trump just walked into a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta and ordered 30 milkshakes! What do you notice about their reaction?



There were so many people just beside themselves to be there, and it seemed every last one of them wanted to at least get close to the former president. Schmaybe even get lucky enough to touch him or catch a selfie standing alongside for posterity. It was just electric.

Everyone's reactions - from the crowd's to the obvious pleasure Trump took in the encounters - really made you smile.

One tall, striking young lady spoke up over the din to tell the president: 

"I don't care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump. We support you."

There wasn't a single, contrary word from the crowd when she said it. Oh, you know Trump had to get a hug after that, and that girl was just beside herself.

It turns out someone got her name. Michaelah Montgomery was invited to appear on Fox and Friends this morning, and all I can say is, "WOWSAHS."

She's frickin' terrific in an illuminating interview.


...The general consensus or social media would have you thinking that if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU campuses or walk around the HBCU community, that, like, some angry mob would form or a riot would ensue and that he would not be welcome. And clearly the sentiment in that room the other day was the complete opposite. He was very welcome. People were excited to see him. People showed up in support of him. And people were, of course, from all four institutions within the AEC [sic], the local HBC community in Atlanta. And they all showed up in support of him...

The Biden campaign had best be sweating bullets after getting to listen to her for a little bit more, and it seems like they already are.

The blue smear machine went into immediate overdrive because of the engaging young woman's appeal. Intrepid Google sleuths quickly found out she was a *gasp* young Republican activist who's worked for several conservative grassroots groups, including Blexit.

Yeah? So?

They're also trying to pounce with a "HAH! Not some rando black girl!" The problem is that no one ever claimed she was random. She was attending and says quite specifically that she brought her students to see the former president. If she's tied into local GOP doings, as she might well be, I can tell you from experience that the word goes out, and supporters gather. It's not a thing. Try to find a Biden-Harris gathering that isn't almost exclusively fresh-faced young things who are Democratic operatives.

Shoot, blue-side young enthusiasts even went to Youngkin rallies in khakis and shades, if you remember. Twenty-something Democratic troops are that rabidly involved.

As Ms. Montgomery's got a minimal number of contacts in all these damning gotchas this fellow thinks he's collected, I have to think her consultant dreams are just starting to take off. 70+ is nothing for any of the people I've ever worked with; even the twenty-somethings.

So, woof - that Chik-Fil-A visit must have really wigged Dems out. Ms. Montgomery has to be their worst nightmare. They're sure acting like she is.

POTATUS was already in trouble with black men - he starts losing the more reliably Democratic base they had among black women?

Biden Loses Support Among Black Men, WSJ Poll Finds

New survey of seven battleground states also shows some Black women are weighing other options

President Biden faces a dual-natured challenge to shore up his support with Black Americans, one of the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituencies.

Perhaps the most urgent: More Black men said they plan to back Donald Trump this fall, according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll of seven swing states.

While most Black men said they intend to support Biden, some 30% of them in the poll said they were either definitely or probably going to vote for the former Republican president. There isn’t comparable WSJ swing-state polling from 2020, but Trump received votes from 12% of Black men nationwide that year, as recorded by AP VoteCast, a large poll of the electorate.

In the WSJ poll, 11% of Black women said they were either definitely or probably going to vote for Trump. In 2020, the AP poll found, 6% of Black women nationwide backed Trump.

 Whoa, dawg - Katie bar the door.

If waffling black voters keep seeing viral scenes like the one in the heart of black Atlanta Wednesday and realize there are like-minded others out there who are unafraid to stand up and vote for the Republican?

During a recent segment on “Saturday Night Live,” Michael Che joked President Joe Biden, like the Baltimore bridge that collapsed, “is no longer connecting with black communities.” But for the Biden campaign, it’s not funny. In fact, the president’s low approval ratings and apparent inability to inspire enthusiasm among black voters could mean a repeat of 2016 for Democrats, if the enthusiasm gap is wide enough to outweigh Democrats’ ballot trafficking operations.

This could be pretty dang epic.

But man, oh, man - is it ever going to be dirty when Dems start fighting back.